Thursday, January 24, 2013

A gun lesson for you.

A gun lesson for you.

***The Soviet army crossed the frontier to join us (Poles) in the struggle against the Germans....... We cannot wait for orders from the Polish High Command..... We must unite with the Soviet Forces. Commander Plaskow demands that we join his detachment immediately, after surrendering our arms. They will be returned to us later......I inform all officers within hearing of these facts and order all non-commissioned officers and soldiers to comply with the request of Commander Plaskow. Death to Germany! Long live Poland and the Soviet Union!

And so the Polish soldiers and officers complied and gave up their weapons. Immediately upon doing so instead of joining forces with the Soviets and being reissued their guns the Polish army was duped and made prisoners of the Russians without any resistance and suffered just as bad as those taken by the Nazi's.

This took place during WWII. Hitler made a surprise invasion from the west into Poland. The Soviet army was invading from the east but the Poles thought the Russians had come to join forces with them against Hitler. Russia took over eastern Poland according to this account without a single shot being fired.
Don't we ever learn from history?

Keep those guns, do not lay them down!!! Your life and nation are at risk.
Carey Masci

*** Excerpt taken from the book “Story of a Secret State by Jan Karski. 1944”

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