Saturday, November 03, 2012

my article the paper didn't post

During the height of the Vietnam conflict there were many antiwar slogans. One was What if there was a war and nobody came? Well I like to ask What if there was an election and nobody came?

That's exactly how I feel concerning this election. The two top contenders currently running for president are so eerily similar in so many ways why vote? Neither candidate is good for this country and neither one is a true leader. This is very evident by listening to their ads. Ad spending is approaching over a billion dollars but both do nothing but mud sling. A true leader leads and doesn't have to worry about the opposition.

This election really comes down to voting against someone not voting for someone. I myself can't play this game so I researched and found there are other much more qualified candidates running for president that the media doesn't cover. I encourage everyone to do their own research as I have and vote for one of these others.

In protest we should all erect signs in our yards that simply read NO. What does NO mean? Neither One. That's been my slogan since the nomination process ended, NO - Neither One. Because neither one deserves our vote.

Carey Masci

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David Macko said...

Vote for Gary Johnson, Libertarian for president. See