Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Are bible prophesies being fulfilled?

Not saying we are but could we be witnessing bible prophesies being fulfilled that could lead to the epic battle foretold?

We forget how President Geoerge W. Bush started a lot of this confusion concerning Islam. After W. called out the Axis of Evil he then later went on to say Islam is a religion of peace. This disarmed many Americans. Now we have two presidential contenders who are not loyal to Israel and one has ties to Muslims. 

Its a fact President Obama is a Muslim and has disdain for Israels Prime Minister Netanyahu. While Mitt Romney is a former bishop in the Mormon church.  Mormons believe the return of Jesus Christ will occur in Missouri and Israel has little to do with the coming of Christ. Israel is just not important to either one of these two.

Somehow these current Muslim uprisings as well as the looming problem with Iran will all be spun back on Israel as the root of all evil.  Muslims could demand America to back off of Israel to bring about peace.  If they do we just might have to comply as I do not see how we can even intervene anywhere else or start a new front on this war.  We are just to broke financially and our military man power already at its limit.   And with either of these two current contenders as our leader is another reason why we may just apease them.  IF I am correct and this does happen where we do turn our back on Israel, look out! God will come down on our nation and He will do it harshly.

During this past presidential primary there was only one running who had any true sense of what to do. He was on the Senate armed forces committee and also wrote legistlation called the Iran Freedom Support Act.  That candidate was Rick Santorum.  My mother said it best when he failed. She said did you ever think God doesn't want a Christian to win? Is she right? Are we now about to be judged?

Food for thought.

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