Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Big Gains for the GOP in 2010?

Word is already circulating that there will be big gains for the GOP in 2010, not so fast. While its true a large majority of Americans are disillusioned with President Obama's broken promises, big government policies, trillions of dollars of debt and the fact that America is not ready for socialism this will not be enough to ensure Republican gains let alone victories. Fresh in everyone's mind that call themselves Conservative, Christian or a true Republican is how we have been pushed aside and forgotten in the last election up until the last ditch effort of choosing Governor Palin to woo us back.
The Republican Party is as much to blame or more so than the Democratic Party for the condition that America is in. Moral conscience voters and believers of freedom have not voted Democratic in some time. They have never hinged their hope on the Left for restoring America to where it should be. They have looked at the Republican Party as a beacon of light to lead us back to the Constitution and Godly principles. When the Republican Party failed to capitalize on their gains when they controlled the White House voters strayed or stayed home. So it isn't a given that the Democratic/Socialist Party will lose seats until the Republican Party learns how to rebuild and bring back to the fold voters who left and now call themselves independent or a member of another party.
For this to happen the GOP first needs to police the party and weed out elected officials for moral or other inappropriate actions, such as the behavior of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, and failure to support the Constitution. All Republican leaders should of immediately demanded Sanford step down and strip him of any further party affiliation. WHY would you expect people to support the GOP if these misdeeds go unchecked, the party is no better or different then the Democratic Party.
Next our Republican Leaders then must ask themselves is it country or party first? After President Reagan the Republican presidential candidate it seems has been chosen or pushed to the front by the party elite or the media while the lower tier candidates have been silenced or ignored. I am tired of hearing I am voting for the lesser of two evils. The voice of the people is not being recognized. The Tea Parties that are breaking out all over the place are a product of this. The protests and anger being shown is aimed as much at the Republicans as it is against the Democratic regime now in office. We have little time to get the Republican Party united and back in shape, if not it will stay a minority party but more importantly America will continue its slide into complete socialism.

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