Thursday, September 17, 2009

Actual Number for the DC Rally on Sept. 12, 2009

My friend Vince in Pa. sent this email of dialogue he had with his friend Judith so I know its accurate. Some of the liberal news media reported that only 30,000 showed up to protest. Maybe we should hold the next rallies in front of their offices, maybe then they will get the numbers correct.

Here is the dialogue with a friend of mine, Judith, that was a part of the rally in D.C.

Subject: RE: 9-12-09 March on Washington - Angry Mob

Yes. It was exhilarating to be part of history. We had at least 2 million people. The police said it was the largest crowd in the history of protestors. They were totally unprepared but they admitted there wasn’t a single incident and they were really relaxed all day. They said we were respectful and easy to work with. If you haven’t gone on youtube and watched the video’s you should. There are plenty. We not only filled the area in front of the capital but also the area on both sides and down the mall to the Washington monument. It is one mile from the capital to the Washington monument and it was filled. I found out later that we did not have a permit to be on the mall. Guess it didn’t matter. They shut down Pennsylvania avenue . It was one mile from Freedom Plaza , next to the White House, to the capital. It was filled with marchers for 3 hours. Every state was represented including Alaska and Hawaii . There were more than 4500 buses, I think 5000 which dropped people off in Maryland and West of DC. They took the Metro into town. Imagine a fountain that bubbles up out of the ground and just keeps flowing. That was what happened with the Metro stations exits. People just kept bubbling out of the Metro and joining the march down Pennsylvania Avenue .

While most of the people had already assembled Marine One flew over taking Zero to Andrews AFB. They flew right over the mass of people. He had to see it but is ignoring it.

Some of us went early and filled many of the hotels around DC and Virginia. On Friday night we went to Walter Reed where Code Pink protests the war and the troops every Friday night. On Friday night troops leave the hospital to have a night on the town. We were there to show them we support them. There must have been 2000 of us and the troops saw and heard us.

On Thursday and Friday Afternoon we converged on the Senate and Congressional offices. We had a chance to go to Joe Wilson’s office and thank him for standing up for the people.

As you see we left our Capital grounds and mall in pristine condition.

Next year we want to do it again, double the crowd, and call it a “Pink Slip” rally.

God blessed us with no rain. It was great.

While we were in DC there was probably another 1 million participating in local Tea Parties around the country. I believe we made a statement to congress – “Remember, it’s We The People.” We did this without a leader, can you imagine what we will do when we have a leader?


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