Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Case You Missed This News Story

In case you missed it.
Today in Glandale, Arizona an Iraqi ran over his daughter with his car in a store parking lot. The reason? She was becoming to westernized.
Two things struck me in this story, and it wasn't the Iraqi's car. One is, that's usually what happens when you come to America, you become Westernized and number two, what kind of vehicle was the father in? A camel - No! A small foreign car - No! A good ole American SUV - Jeep Grand Cherokee! I think that's a bit westernized don't you? Wonder if he gets another virgin for this action?

Somehow the girl has to exploit this, do commercials, make money and become really Westernized to impress her lovable Dad, you know something like...
Are you run down? Need to get away? ........

Seriously, I hope the girl recovers, they find this creep and put him in a nice western jail for life.


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