Saturday, January 24, 2009

This was in response to a news letter someone sent me from Pat Buchanan.

Yes Pat has many valid good points and is correct on all but he misses on a couple of very important issues. The GOP is fragmented, has alienated its base, walked away from their core beliefs, and has not united like the Democratic party has. The GOP has been shot down by its own friendly fire, a slanted media and outplayed and outsmarted by the Dems.
The Dems have held on to their core beliefs and never wavered. What are they? Homosexual rights, abortion, and Big Daddy government will take care of you. Over and over they pounded, we can't have any prejudism, anti-homo is as bad as what the African-American went through, and we can't hinder women from making an educated decision its her choice and you need us - we will fix everything so if you get taxed we will provide. Three key issues that are always a part of the Dem philosophy.
How did the GOP counter this? They didn't - they wavered. How in the HELL was groups such as the Log Cabin Republicans allowed to hoist the banner of the GOP. How did we allow a cross dresser and MC of Gay Pride events named Rudy to run? How did we allow another pro-choice and also in favor of homo rights named Mitt to run? Tell me where the Reagan attitude of you can do it? The best we did was a stimulus check instead of fighting to roll back regulations and try to weaken the EPA so businesses can flourish. Did the GOP make the case against counties and cities like Cuyahoga and Cleveland who are run by Dems and the mess they created with property tax, unemployment and crime? Did we send back the illegals and strengthen our boarders? Did we pound at every opportunity the case of the Islam/Muslim threat? There was no fight, there was no strategy.
Another thing is the white country club mentality of the GOP. I predicted this a few years back. You mean to tell me the Repubs couldn't tell the climate of what the trends were pointing to? The time was right for an African American to be elected. Did we hoist on our shoulders and roll out the red carpet for people like JC Watts, Lynn Swann, Condi Rice, Ken Blackwell or Allen Keyes to name a few fine African American Republicans. NOPE! The Dems started grooming Obama almost as soon as he was elected into the Senate maybe even before. Or even if we stayed with the white man why didn't we listen to the groundswell of the coffee shops and colleges where Ron Paul was gaining flocks. He may of sounded nuts but he was right when he kept saying America is BROKE! Or if not a black or a Ron Paul then a person with solid morals, convictions and plans, Mike Huckabee. NOPE! Instead the best the Republican establishment could do was circle around McCain as heir apparent as they did with Dole. I also predicted this back in 2006 and again in 2007 that the GOP would push Mc to the front. Is this the best that we can do? We deserve to lose.
Yes Pat is right but all is not lost if we would once again regain our core, have a spine to stand up for what is right and instal a litmus test to join the GOP. A Conservative litmus test. The Dems have it and so should we. And if we return to our Conservative foundation we could win everything back and if not at the least we could rebuild the party into a party of true American values and one of individual freedom. If not, not only is the GOP finished so is America.
I would rather be a minority party with solid beliefs then a majority party with no principles.

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