Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping List II

Hey Gang,
In the first Shopping List article I mentioned Home Depot and a package of 3 screws and nuts I bought with one of the screws not being threaded properly. That package of screws cost only .98 cents but I didn't care I brought them back. The lady said well we are not going to return your money we will open a package and give you one new screw. I said that is fine as long as I've made it known the junk from China Home Depot is stocking their shelves with. She tried to explain it was a jobber who supplied them from a reputable screw company. I said maybe at one time but now the screws are made in China. I grabbed a new package so they could open it and lo and behold, 2 out of the 3 screws in the bag were threaded wrong. I asked for the manager and as he approached she told him he wants his money back, the screws are bad, and then said with a huff "Made in China". I could tell by her tone that this must be common with returns of faulty
products from China.
Its time all of us do what I just did. Return this junk and complain.

I forgot to mention something else in my "Shopping List" article. In Wickliffe close to my house opened a little shop I believe is called "The Military Store". Their merchandise had all the armed forces represented on shirts, hats, pants, mugs and other doodads. These are not military surplus or issue but still nice. I stopped in around Christmas. I wanted to buy something and support it but just couldn't. Why? It bothered me that most all of it was made over seas. How can you wear the US Army or Marines logo made in China?
And then there is Sterns clothes in Mayfield, Ohio, going out of business after 45 years. A few reasons why they are closing but what struck me was the suit I was looking at is the number one reason why. It fit nice, price was OK but the tag read made in Vietnam. Don't these fools who own these places know the reason they can't sell goods any more is because jobs are hard to find? And why are they? Because we keep sending them over seas. You think this would be economics 101 for any business owner. If you ship jobs over seas there is less people working with less or no money to spend at your store. Duh!

Read some of your replies.


Thanks for the update Carey.
I'm not so sure the pet food that poisoned our pets and the lead coated
products from China aren't intentional attempts to undermine US citizens.
But, just a guess, wait for in less than one month we're going to see a rosy picture of our country from the left wing media.
Obama is going to be a miracle worker, at least that's the impression all of our news media is going to paint the country a completely different
perspective than what they did to George W..

Hi Carey,
It's the American way. Until more people like you buy "Made In The USA" & not the lowest price they can find, things will not change.
Years ago it was made in Japan, so I don't think the buying public has changed in many years & don't think they ever will.
Even LLB, a large Maine company in businesses for years & had many items made in Maine & the U.S., now so much of it is made in China. Have not bought anything from them in years & don't plan to.
John in Maine

Ok I understand the thought process here but Walmart is in the news all day for selling things MADE IN china, on your list Walmart wasnt listed but everywhere everyone shops has everything made in other countries. just
an observation.....

Stimulus packages won't work but goods made in the US will.

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