Friday, November 05, 2010

little joy in victory


I only felt brief elation at Tuesdays victory party. I felt as happy as I was sad. We made gains but have not won the war. All of the organizers of the tea parties, home groups, conservative social networking sites, and Conservative candidates feel proud that you have made a difference. Thank you, and yes I take it personally as if you did it for me. So take a bow but there is still much work to be done to wrestle this free nation back from the grip of socialism and the liberal agenda.

Analyzing things.
In Cuyahoga County SAD is the word. The people of that county are spiritually blind and need a revival. Corruption is rampant, population loss has yet to bottom out, high taxes, high unemployment and yet they elect the status. Why the voters didn't give someone like Tony Hocevar a chance is beyond my comprehension. Nothing will change in that county.

It gets even more ridiculous. Because of corruption the people chose to have a County Executive, which wasn't needed if the residents would of just voted out the criminals. But since they voted for the position then they should of elected a Republican as a counter balance to the mostly Democratic government or better yet, an Independent. Instead they elect a Democrat as a County Exec over looking his cronies. How will this breed honesty? It won't.

In Lake County Bob Murphy lost the race of commissioner to long time incumbent Dan Troy. Dans photo with Russo and Dimora and ties with other Cuyahoga Dems was enough for me to see the warning signs. For some reason even here in Lake County people look the other way and vote just because of the letter in front of the name.

The earliest called winner of the night was Rob Portman for senator from Ohio and he also had one of the biggest margins of victories. The Dems ran ads against him always aligning or associating Portman with Bush. I didn't see this in any other race, maybe there was but I didn't notice it. The Dems strategy backfired. I think reminding people of Bush made them very nostalgic.

I do not like Murkowski. She is arrogant and is putting herself first over party and nation. She is doing nothing but dividing the state of Alaska. If she was so concerned about the nation she would of endorsed Joe Miller in the primary and unified the Tea Party and Republican Party. What does the opposition say? The Democrat candidate who lost and bowed out made a concession call to Murkowski. This should show you who the Liberals want to hold office.

The GOP has to be careful that they do not alienate the Tea Party as Murkowski is doing. For those who may not remember it was this sort of action back in 1970 that spawned the Libertarian Party. The Republicans strayed from their principles and the party was split. The Tea Party has to hold the GOP to the fire and change it from within. The GOP has to quit playing games with us also. Either this is the party of limited government, conservative values, and individual freedoms or it isn't. If they are going to run campaigns and talk as if they are then we the voters should DEMAND they uphold their words, nothing short of this will do. And groups such as Slovak Moms Heritage home group or Paul Prince's Mentor 9/12 have to continue to be watchdogs for us to make sure party by-laws are being fulfilled.

A Word to my friends.
I know some of you voted for the Constitution Party or other conservative party and I can't find to much fault for voting your conscience but I myself decided not to do that, this election was far to important. I was already planning and voting for the next primary.

We were trying to do two things. One, vote out of office as many Socialist Dems as possible and two, rebuild the GOP back into a Conservative Party. Think of it in sports terms. Every year there is training camp for teams. The coach weeds out the bad players and tries to replace them with more qualified. Thats how we need to view this. Do not abandon the Republican Party, help rebuild it. We know we are safe with people like Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Steve King and locally with Rep. Ron Young and Rep. Tim Grendel. So what we need to is keep an eye on the moderates and see how they are leaning. To far to the left, give them hell and vote them OUT next primary! Thats how you rebuild.

So rejoice for the next few days if you want but lets not relax to long, we haven't restored anything yet.
                                                                         Carey Masci

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