Monday, November 01, 2010

A FOLLOW UP message from Terry - 61 years Young


My quote of “vote the incumbents out.” was an extreme generalization for my friends.

After sitting with the gang (ALL BABY BOOMERS) and trying to talk Politics, it seemed much simpler (for THEM) to ask all to just “vote the incumbents out”.  IF I convinced them to even Vote at all next Tuesday.

Carey, you ARE correct in that we DO have a few Incumbents that deserve a second try.  It is just there are too many Politics As Usual heads on the entire Team in Washington that (in the words from the movie “Charley Wilson’s War”) …get to vote YES a lot!”  It seems in my view, the simpler of directions for my friends to be heard and help make the change.

I grew up a Democrat. UAW member, then with the Teamsters. Kennedy was Assassinated on my 14th Birthday.

I look at my children and see how they suffer today, but they try to keep a straight face. Their smiles are worn and few.

Disillusioned I voted for Perot. I now support the Republicans AND the T Party.

IF Newt Gingrich runs in 2012 HE is my man of choice.
Next Tuesday we need to set the stage for his arrival.

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