Friday, October 29, 2010

A message from Terry - 61 years Young

 I so much share Terry's pain not only for the financial upheaval and uncertainty in my life but also because Terry is a special friend of mine and I feel deeply for him.

Terry is gifted on so many fronts that I won't even begin to list all that he has done or accomplished. A man with his intelligence should not be in the position he is in. And I know there are MANY of us who feel the same way about our predicament.

As much as I look to Terry from time to time for advice I need to make one correction in his statement below.

He reiterates over and over vote the incumbents out.

I disagree with that statement. There are a few races I know of that the incumbents are not the problem. The problem is the Socialist/Democratic agenda. A return to true Conservative principles is the answer. Why don't people see this?

The Socialist/Democratic agenda has undermined or morals, job base, freedom, interfered with our religion, it has ruined the America we use to know.

How people allow George Soros to fund the legalization of marijuana with a million dollar donation is a travesty. One of the most used tools before any country falls or is taken over by a dictator is liberal drug policies. Drugs dope the youth and masses into puppet slaves that will follow anything as long as they get their fix.

The manipulation of house values just to raise property tax. The class warfare to raise minimum wage to over 7 dollars has hurt small businesses and caused layoffs. The global trade deals which almost all can be traced back to the Clinton Administration. The take over of our houses such as what Euclid, Ohio is doing. I could go on and on. What do all those things have in common? Not one of those listed have the backing of the true Conservative/Tea Party movement. They are all part of the Socialist/Democratic agenda to bring America to her knees to be ruled by a global body.

VOTE OUT or DO NOT VOTE for anyone with a D by their name or any Rhino Republican. If there is no choice other than those two, leave it blank.

Carey Masci
May God Help US.


To all my friends on shore from an old dingy - with a leak in it,

Next week PLEASE vote, Vote with your mind OPEN and HEART Intact. Haven’t YOU had enough?



We can no longer sit by and NOT vote so we can bitch a storm about its outcome, with free conscience.

Get out there and vote. If you no longer think you count. GET A GRIP, Vote. Send the message.

If you are Fed-Up and Devastated by the same old/same old, vote EVERY Incumbent OUT. Send the message.

If you are Fed-Up and Devastated by empty BS promises that disappear or some how come back and bite WE THE PEOPLE in the ass, vote EVERY Incumbent OUT. Send the message.

If you are Fed-Up and Devastated by our jobs and tax dollars going overseas or to illegals here who have NOTHING invested in what we have today, vote EVERY Incumbent OUT. Send the message.

If you are Fed-Up and Devastated AND have the slightest inkling as to how we are ALL going to get taxed totally out of our comfort zone starting 01JAN11, vote EVERY Incumbent OUT. Send the message.

(If you have little or NO idea what I am talking about above, referring to the new 2011 tax laws, get off YOUR Soap Box, put down the remote, get out of Face Book, climb up out of the Recliner, FIND OUT BEFORE YOU VOTE, THEN vote EVERY Incumbent OUT. Send the message.)

I live in Michigan all my life where the unemployment rate is at an all time Historical HIGH, even over the devastating numbers after the 30’s market crash AND even over those following WWII, when the War Production Employees hit the bricks.

My home is now worth only 78% what it was back in 2005. I bought it in 1987 for $94K. Appraised for my refi’ in ’05 at $204K. After 5 kids weddings, Home Improvements, and one or two nibbles at the American Dream, I now owe 17K over what it is (appraised) worth = $160K !

Remember, I am using the word “WORTH” ! The last home sale here, in JUL, 2010, 4 blocks away, about 98% identical home to ours, Sq Footage, Lot Size, Bells & Whistles, Upgrades, Overall Condition (only actual difference is my bricks are the White/Gray Italian VS their std Brown Rustic tone), wanted $140K - went for $115K after being on the market for 26 MONTHS……. I counted last night on a cruise looking at just a 5 block radius of my house, and there are 21 homes for sale.

We tried one of Obama’s FHA Real Estate/Mortgage Adjustments = DENIED, then the NEW Totally FHA sponsored/backed Refi’ = also DENIED.

GET THIS, without putting it IN WRITING of course. “YOU’RE TOO OLD ! ”

THEN 08SEP10, (along with 40+ other Detroit Metro employees) notified ALL our jobs have been moved to Florida . BUT thank GOD (remember HIM) its still in the states, ay? I am Unemployed as of 08NOV10.

With the above Real Estate Facts staring us in the face, I could NOT afford to MOVE/RELOCATE to South Florida .

My wife of 41 years is semi handicapped. We have 5 kids and 12 Grandkids.

Cost of living within 25 miles of that Florida work location is 8% to 12% higher than here.

Home owners insurance is almost DOUBLE what it is here. THAT doesn’t include the Florida State Mandated Flood Insurance rider either.

Auto Insurance is almost DOUBLE what it is here for the same car in South Florida .

The ONLY upside is GAS there is 4¢ to 6¢ cheaper (IF you drive around and HUNT it down) than up here.

Oh I forgot to mention NO-ONE would be receiving any Cost Of Living RAISE (or ANY pay increase) when relocating.

Yet they keep saying the turn around HAS BEGUN….. WHERE?

So much for MY personal problems. We’re not alone though.

SO vote EVERY Incumbent OUT. PICK AND CHOOSE. Send the message.

Business AS USUAL is OVER.

WE are the NEW Special Interest Group.

WE The People: who live and work, have lived and have worked, (legally) HERE.


Just remember if they take ANY of your Constitutional rights away this will just be the start.

Look at any country in history when the citizens lost their right to defend themselves they were made into slaves!

Germany, Italy , Japan , USSR and any other entity! They banned guns in Australia and crime went up 400% in some of their areas.

England has basically banned guns and crime is real bad there too.

KYPD and be sure to vote for a person that will stand up for our CONSTITUTION! ! !


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