Sunday, October 03, 2010

carey's news briefs

Hey Gang,

Browns tailgaters are quite upset. Cleveland's Muni Parking Lot where they party before home games is opening three hours later, instead of 4 a.m. it's now 7 a.m. I agree with the upset tailgaters that the lot should open at 4. You really do need a full 8 hours of drinking beforehand if you are going to sit through a Browns game.

For those who follow the Browns and football......
Derick Anderson: 2 and 1 - Cleveland Browns: 0 and 3. I told you to keep an eye on Anderson, he may not be a Peyton Manning but he's not as bad as the Browns made him look.

Did anyone notice? The week the report came out that said the recession was over was the same week all the Cleveland politicians were arrested.

You would think though that Cleveland's crooked politicians would of done at least some good for the city before being sent away. Like bribing the officials so either the Browns or Indians could win a game.

Cleveland's population will take another hit downward. With everyone being arrested not many will be left in the city.

Christmas is coming earlier and earlier.  My friend Ruth told me in Manila they have Christmas trees up already and I just received my first Christmas card. We may have to rewrite that song the 12 days of Christmas and call it the 12 months of Christmas.

The Nike office in NY city had to be shut cause of bed bugs. I thought of the perfect ad to capitalize on this. A man is sleeping, jumps up out of bed because of bed bugs. He lands perfectly into a pair of Nike shoes and runs out of the house.
The slogan: When ya got the itch to run - Nike shoes.

Gotta GoGo!!

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