Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Seven Candidates - Tom Ganley

    I hear a lot of complaints about our leaders and elected officials. And I keep telling people NOT all are thieving liars. You need to attend the different functions, you need to meet the candidates face to face to find out. Here are a few that I endorse.

   It was hard to narrow it down of whom to endorse as I have met many fine qualified people. So this is my short list of seven candidates that I believe are honest, have integrity, still believe in America and that can make a difference. Most of these candidates have never held office before. I call this the year of the businessman/non-politician.

5. Tom Ganley candidate U.S. Rep. Ohio 13Th Congressional District

  This is kind of a unusual endorsement as I am including a short clip. What I want you to do is please look at the clip, look at the photos and then go out and support Ganley any way you can.
 Again... PLEASE look at the clip so you understand what is going on. This is one race that you can make a definite stand against Obama and his socialist policies. Tom Ganley is also a businessman/non politician like so many others this year.

  For years Wickliffe had a Dodge dealership dating back to the early 70's, maybe earlier. First it was Glavic Dodge then Ganley. Ganley Dodge also had a Saturn dealership. After the Government take over of Chrysler the Ganley lot is now empty on the Dodge side. Saturn is gone also and what remains is Ganley's import and a used car lot. But across the street is a Ford dealership who didn't take the bailout and is doing just fine.

  The word is out that the Dems are following Republican candidates, filming them, trying anything to trip them up. I know this is going on. A Lake County candidates campaign manager contacted me and said please don't forward my email because of the tactics from the left side. All this manager asked me was if I could go out and place yard signs. That's it! This is out of hand.

 A few days ago the newspaper reported Tom Ganley was being sued for sexual harassment or worse. Red flags went up all over the place. I heard Tom Ganley speak at the Lake GOP Convention in 2009. He told the story of how organized crime was trying to extort money from him. He had to have police protection live with him. But Tom stood up to it and justice was served. And that is what I feel is going on again. This woman accusing Ganley said it happened last year but why now a month before the election is this coming to light? I can't say for 100% positive as I wasn't there but something just doesn't seem right. Its very hard to believe Tom would do something like this.

  The attack ads against Tom Ganley also keep on coming. Numerous sources state the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending more money in Ohio than in any other state and more money in Sutton's district (Tom Ganley's oponent) than in any other district. At least if the ads were constructive but they're nothing but trash talk. Tom Ganley is mostly self funding his campaign.

  If you really want to send an anti-big government/Obama message - help get Tom Ganley elected.

   People tell me all the time but what can I do? Simple - Get Involved! With modern technology such as cell phones and the Internet its very easy to do so. Contact these candidates and ask for voter lists and make calls on their behalf, blast out emails in their support, post this message and others on different forums and blogs and donate.

  But the easiest thing you can do is simply tell a friend, vote for.....

Even if you live in another state help us here in NE Ohio, we need it!

We are at a serious crossroad my friends! Remember what Euclid did to me?
                                           Carey Masci

As John Kasich candidate for Ohio governor said at the Lake County Republican Convention in August 2009.

"You have one more chance to get this right and that's it!"

Get involved friends, please get involved before it's really to late!

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