Tuesday, November 09, 2010

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It can take up a lot of time doing what I do by keeping your words and bundling them together but its worth it, I think we all learn something. At times I comment, other times I stand corrected and leave your words as is, as in this email. Thanks for your informative comments. And if any of you want your name to appear differently, just let me know.

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In response to my trip to the Philippines

Isn't it something how people from other countries love us but not our elected officials. Isn't it something how our presidents have appointed the same persons to key positions. Isn't it something that our elected and appointed don't invest in sending our best and brightest kids to these third world countries to learn the views and opinions of these wonderful people.

The world is a college and we are wasting our kids future by sending them to buildings full of teachers with low IQ's that teach them mediocrity.

May I succeed in inspiring those around me to step up and seek to change the change that is needed.

The Russians got Obama into office and its just a matter of time he turns into the monster we fear him to be. Long live Liberty, peace and freedom!
My take on all this is...

Taxes in the US are the lowest world wide... you guys have nothing to complain about.

I pay over 10 dollars a gallon for gas in Germany.... and you guys complain about a 15 cent price jump...

Indonesian and Philippine corruption is well over US standards.. there is corruption everywhere... it is the safeguards in place to prevent corruption... transparency.... that keeps US corruption lower... not within my standards... but you will NEVER get rid of it. Feel blessed you don't live in the Philippines or Indonesia, places where you don't have a little piece of paper with your photo on it that says you can travel to any country in the world without any limitations...
just my opinion...

Oh.. and by the way.. I have been recycling trash and so has everyone else in Germany for the past 10 years or more... keeps the dumps from filling up quicker.. but I always remember a friend of a friend.. (someone I did not hang around with) who used to just lump all his garbage in one bag at his home.. and take it to work a week or two later in his car, and then drive all his co workers to lunch in his car... and boy did it stink... on top of it... he tried to cover up the smell with old spice aftershave.... All the Germans looked down on him for being so lazy... and what is worse is... they viewed him as a typical American... gives a new meaning to "ugly American" Doesn't it?
bob in germany

On the election
Rob Portman takes Ohio, and one of my new favorite states New Hampshire, goes red also. With the economy being the number one issue. The unemployment rate has been over 9%, in Reagan percentages, it is about 17.5 % unemployment. Wow.

One of Ohio's slogans has been "It's the heart of it all." (perhaps because Ohio is shaped like a heart?) Yet now, we take control of the house with John Boehner, we'll see if conservatism will last...

I voted for Robert Owens instead of Mike DeWine for atty. general. From my research on their qualifications I found Mr.Owens greatly superior to Mr DeWine.Frankly I wasn't sure whether DeWine or Cordray was worse. So I decided that if you vote for the lesser of two evils you are still getting evil.

I was pretty sure that Mr Owens would not do well because far too many people vote for the party rather than the person, but I was hoping to see him do much better. This would have sent a message to the GOP to at least give us a choice in the primaries instead of forcing good people (Seth Morgan) out and leaving us only with junk to vote for.

About your word - for the race for CA governor, it wouldn't have mattered. Even if Whitman the RINO had gotten all the percentages of the 3rd parties added to her, she still would have lost to Brown. He got 54% of the vote. Maybe the National GOP still has a chance, but the CA GOP is a lost cause. They are so liberal and so progressive that people can't see much of a difference between the CA GOP and a *moderate* democrat, and when that happens they opt for the democrat every time. Emily

A thank you from Tony

I am truly blessed to have met each and every one of you! I want to assure you I will not not ride off into the sunset. Rather I view this State Representative Campaign as the beginning of the beginning. Each person I met contributed much to success of this endeavor. I cannot find the appropriate words that describe how Livia and I feel so I will have to say a big....................


... Liberty and Justice for All,
Tony Hocevar

On Democracy vs a Republic
Yes I agree Carey that we are a nation of laws. We are not ruled by the majority and the word democracy does not appear in the constitution or bill of rights. I also agree that the democrats want larger government control and that the republicans want smaller government control.  Joe U

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