Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Seven Candidates - Grendel and Brommer

I hear a lot of complaints about our leaders and elected officials. And I keep telling people NOT all are thieving liars. You need to attend the different functions, you need to meet the candidates face to face to find out. Here are a few that I endorse.

It was hard to narrow it down of whom to endorse as I have met many fine qualified people. So this is my short list of seven candidates that I believe are honest, have integrity, still believe in America and that can make a difference. Most of these candidates have never held office before. I call this the year of the businessman/non-politician.

6. Senator Tim Grendel candidate State Rep. Ohio House 98th District

Senator Grendel explains why the decision to run for state representative:

"I believe that I can be even more effective in representing my constituents as a refreshed state representative than as a lame duck state senator. As a member of the Ohio House, I will continue to use my successful legislative experience and advocacy skills to protect the citizens of Geauga and Cuyahoga counties, and Northeastern, Ohio."

Grendel said he wants to continue to fight for residents on issues such as tax relief, local control over oil and gas drilling, reasonable household septic system regulations, and government restructuring and reform.

Senator Grendel is a true champion of liberty, defender of the Constitution and protector of individual rights. Its very important for all of us that Grendel gets elected.

4. Roy Brommer candidate Ashtabula County Auditor

Roy has run his own business for many years and serves on the Roaming Shores Village Council other than that has never held office. He is the father of a long time friend of mine but that's not why I endorse him. Its because of his successful business experience and honesty.

I said it years ago that the rise in property value was a ploy for the government to raise property tax. Sure it looked good for the added equity you suddenly had but it is part of the foreclosure mess.

When I read Roy Brommer's letter to his constituents I was excited that people are finally waking up and no longer afraid to tell the truth.

Roy Brommer writes:
My opponent during a time of unprecedented foreclosures, a mortgage crisis, and one of the worse economies in decades had the nerve to over inflate the value of properties... to bring more tax revenue in.

People can barely make payments and Roy's opponent is busy raising property values that many banks won't even recognize just to increase tax revenue. That my friend is evil and the Dems have done this all over.

We need to elect people like Roy Brommer.

People tell me all the time but what can I do? Simple - Get Involved! With modern technology such as cell phones and the Internet its very easy to do so. Contact these candidates and ask for voter lists and make calls on their behalf, blast out emails in their support, post this message and others on different forums and blogs and donate.

But the easiest thing you can do is simply tell a friend, vote for.....

Even if you live in another state help us here in NE Ohio, we need it!
We are at a serious crossroad my friends! Remember what Euclid did to me?

                                                         Carey Masci

As John Kasich candidate for Ohio governor said at the Lake County Republican Convention in August 2009.

             "You have one more chance to get this right and that's it!"

              Get involved friends, please get involved before it's really to late!

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