Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Clearing out my folder

A few notes I had taken from articles that just sat. Clearing out my folder of old news but still wothy enough to read.

Below is taken from:
Big night for tea party: O'Donnell wins Delaware By DAVID ESPO
These three paragraphs say a lot about the condition our country is in.

O'Donnell defeated nine-term Rep. Mike Castle, a fixture in Delaware politics for a generation and a political moderate. Republican party officials, who had touted him as their only hope for winning the seat in the fall, made clear as the votes were being counted they would not provide O'Donnell funding in the general election.

This is a sad commentary. Is it party first or country first? Moderates are part of the reason for TEA Parties. The people voted for O'Donnel and unless she has done something majorly wrong the GOP should back her.

In New York, 40-year veteran Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel easily won renomination in his first time on the ballot since the House ethics committee accused him of 13 violations, most of them relating to his personal finances.

The voting public is as much to blame as our corrupt politicians. The people had a choice and chance to vote this man out of office. Instead Rangel not only won, he easily won. Reelecting him is almost like giving him carte blanche. Is this absurd or what?

In a postscript from one of them, Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is expected to announce by week's end whether she will mount a write-in campaign following her primary defeat last month.

ARROGANCE!!! This is all about arrogance. How many times have we seen someone voted out of office and instead of accepting defeat and going back to the private sector they fight it and try to get back on the ballot either as an independent or another party. They don't understand, the people spoke, you lost, go home now.

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