Friday, October 09, 2015

Old topic but ....

Old topic but just now finding time to get caught up on emails.

At the August 31st meeting of the Lake County GOP Central Committee, Jan Clair, the Lake GOP Chairwoman, distributed copies of two emails that she alleged were written by Kim Laurie.  Jan was attempting to use the emails to make her accusation against Kim.

Jan distributed her copies of the two emails to all (or most all) present with one key exception, Kim.  When Kim was provided a copy of the emails and had a chance to look at them, she immediately and unequivocally stated that she did not write them. 

Anyone who has communicated in writing, or even verbally, with Kim will recognize right away that it isn't her style of writing and even the content isn't consistent with her communication. 

Jan refused to divulge her source of the email.  Jan should reveal her source. She should also provide the actual email electronically so that the author can be identified.  Someone appears to be trying to harm Kim politically by this maneuver.

The point of this is to show what is happening currently within the Lake County GOP.  It is my understanding that none of the other officers made any effort to distance themselves from what Jan was doing or to come to Kim's defense. 

I am hopeful that the Lake County GOP officers will get to the bottom of this at their next meeting on September 28.

I am attaching copies of the alleged emails for your review.

My reply to Chuck of Lake County Liberty Coalition when I received the email Lake GOP Officer Falsely Accuses Kim Laurie

Chuck you and Kim both decided to stay in a party that does not want us. I left and so should you. Why change a party when you can change party to one that has the same beliefs as you do. You choose to stay so this is the game you chose to play.

Trying to change the Republican Party is like trying to change the weather. You can be left out in the cold or you can move to a warmer climate.

But then I read the accusations and it came down to this:
The chairwoman (Jan Clair) then asked Kim if she stood by the statement she had made at the March meeting, if Kim is a woman of her word, and that she didn't work against Dave Joyce or John Kasich's general election campaigns last year.  Kim stated this question seemed like a set up, but answered in the affirmative that, yes, she stood by her statement.

The question I have is this:
Kim is suppose to be one of us well why didn't she work to unseat Joyce or Kasich? Because they are Republicans?

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