Thursday, July 08, 2010

LeBron n Oil

Well Friends it looks like my early prediction may come true. As I told my close friends and family weeks ago LeBron has 2 real options. And they are not NY or Chi-Town.

Playing in the shadow of Jordan in Chicago is not a good fit for LBJ's ego. NY & NJ has to much rebuilding to do and by the time they get all the right pieces in play LeBron could be close to 30.

So where does the indicators point to? Miami or Cleveland or ready for this... a real wild card, a western conference team - maybe Denver.

Why Miami? Well his good friend Dwayne Wade is down there and with the acquisition of Chris Bosh and Miami being a bigger market this would be a nice fit.

Why Cleveland? Perfect for his ego, nothing or anyone can challenge his demands, and a chance to set personal records that may never be reachable. He owns Cleveland now but if he resigns the city could even give him the keys and rename neighborhoods after him. Thats how lame Cleveland is. Pinning all their hopes on a sports player.

Western conference team? Just a wild hunch.

Its pretty tiring hearing all this talk about a basketball player who has never won anything. Even if he has, leading off all news channels with sports updates is ridiculous. Maybe local Cleveland broadcasts because LeBron does bring in the dollars but national TV stations, such as CNN, when the world has far more serious concerns is a sad commentary on America.
America's love for sports icons supersedes real issues for the majority of Americans. People would rather eat chips, play arm chair quarterback and talk sports rather than discuss politics or religion. People know more about a teams starting lineup than their elected officials. And people know more about sports statistics than they do about issues and legislation that could affect their jobs and way of life. Sad.

The spike cometh.
The oil game is being played again. Oil was down to about $71 and change it is now at over $75 per barrel. My hunch is a spike to over $85, I pray I am wrong.
The price of oil is so hard to judge unlike the stock market. The stock market rises when consumer confidence, growth and spending are up or hopes of Republicans being elected. You have the opposite and it falls.
With oil it can spike with fear of regulation, fear of shortages or when times are good and there is an increase of demand. For oil to drop you almost need a perfect calm, stock market steady, consumer confidence slowly gaining and/or stagnant to slow rise in demand.
If you want to alleviate some of this instability you need to drill baby drill.


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