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Coming to Ohio? Lets hope

OHIOANS - Conservative Republican Ohio Senator Tim Grendell supports the Ohio Sovereignty Amendment and I have found that Sen. Grendell supports 99% of what I support 99% of the time. He's a good man that I've consistently voted for for every position he's run for and I have never regretted my vote. -- Donna

Source: The News Herald (news-herald. com), Serving Northern Ohio

Residents may be putting one vote on many issues
Friday, May 21, 2010
By David W. Jones

Registered voters might be asked to read a lengthy document for November ballot placement, then read it again to approve or disapprove the issue in the actual final Election Day decision.

That’s the Ohio Sovereignty Amendment.

The proposed Ohio Constitution change “expressly declares that Ohio citizens declare sovereignty over the state and their authority to alter or abolish government,” according to the amendment.

Among many issues, voters would be asked to:

* Give the people new power to recall any public officeholders by means of petition “whenever they deem necessary.”
* Mandate that recall vacancies be filled by the governor only with applicants nominated by citizens.
* “Substantially redefine the people’s right to bear arms (excluding explosives, biological and chemical systems).”
* “Secure the people’s right to operate their militia.”
* Require that all Ohio laws be “constitutionally compliant” before being enacted.
* Make the sheriff’s office “expressly preserved” in the Ohio Constitution and “not subject to infringement” by state legislators.
* Prohibit “federal or foreign agencies from enforcement activities in Ohio except through the sheriff at his sole discretion.”
* Give the Ohio Supreme Court new power to suspend “any law it deems to be unconstitutional.”
* Mandate that juries “may be comprised only of Ohio citizens.”
* Mandate that sovereignty “be supported in all schools in Ohio.”
* Declare that any attempts to “subvert the Constitution” are “not pardonable” by the governor if such acts are “deliberate or substantial subversive acts.”

In literature being distributed statewide, Michael Young, leader of the People’s Constitution Coalition of Ohio, wrote:

“The proposed amendment is not an attempt to secede from the union, to overthrow government or attack any race or culture. It simply provides the means by which the people can protect their rights and liberties with minimal government interference.

“(The proposed amendment) was constructed to hold government in compliance with and accountable to our state and federal constitutions. It provides the legal mechanisms that people need to ‘effectively and efficiently’ fulfill their duty in holding government accountable.

“There has not been a constitutionally compliant government in the United States for over 150 years. As a result, we find ourselves suffering today from a collapsing economy, perpetual debt, loss of our industrial base, surrendering of American sovereignty and destruction of our Christian heritage.”

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