Friday, June 04, 2010

Carey's humorous look at un-humorous events

Hey Gang,

The recent floods in Tennessee did a lot of damage. The only bright spot was that they happened in Nashville, the Capital of Country Music. So I am sure you can expect a flood, I mean a slew of new songs being released because of it.
Songs like "I was trolling for my Ford but snagged your John Deere" - "My dog was swept away but the cat fishing's been great" - "You left me high and dry just when the flood left me low and wet" - "I told you not to leave the bass boat was needed".

I think we are expecting to much from Obama concerning the oil in the gulf. I mean he can't even stop the flow of illegal aliens and now we expect him to stop the flow of oil.

What does BP stand for? BIG PROBLEMS!

Representative Kucinich has vowed his soul to Obama in exchange for another 550 million in bailout funds for Cleveland. Dennis wants to use the money to keep LeBron James in Cleveland.

People are still blaming Bush for everything. The other day I over heard someone say its Bush's fault the Cavs lost to the Celtics.

Al and Tipper Gore are getting a divorce. Tipper said Al was so concerned their steamy love making was contributing to global warming that he became very frigid.

Citibank has supposedly fired a female worker because her beauty was distracting. Maybe they were just jealous because her figure was a lot better than the figures of Citibank.

And that gets you updated.

Carey Masci

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