Wednesday, June 09, 2010

continuing on about the EPA lead law because of its direct impact on property

Friends, I am continuing on about the EPA lead law because of its direct impact on property rights. Please read these posting, these laws will affect you.
Wayne is a friend who lives in Pa. and is active on Capital Hill for vet rights. Below is his thoughts:

I agree with your appallment of the requirement to check for lead in homes built before 1978. What this needs is a conserted effort by contractors that have expressed their limiting them taking jobs on homes older than 1978. Soon, this legislation will also include industrial buildings as well. If the present industrial site has given employment for the last 50 years and wants to revamp and expand by redoing or rebuilding...this could pose a rethink of hiring or even doing this at all. What these people think is that this is good, yet they waited years for this to be put inplace.... How urgent was that?

Now back to the residential homes.... You and I both live in areas of the cities that were put together in the late 19th and early 20th century..... Key word is CENTURY!!! We are now expected to pay for the legal activities of those who came before us??? Another point.... I was raised and still live in a home that is 100 years old. There has to be lead somewhere....from interior to the paint on the outside. So...I am also a Baby Boomer.... we had the LARGEST percentage of people who innovated and invented, from scotch tape, velcro, superglue, to Space Travel and Computers. Does that sound like a generation of people who were conversely affected by Lead Paint?? I would match my High School Diploma of 1966 against any 2 year( and more ) degree from College that any Burger Slinger has today. What we are basing this all on is the Government allowing Slumlords to kennel up low income families in sub level living quarters. Kids who would actually eat the paint chips... ( I never recalled eating any but I am sure PIKA affected snot bubble kids and even some pregnant women have.)

As far as this is all concerned, I think the Government efforts are better served to stop the proliferation of Cadmium laced McDonalds glasses. Our homes have become liabilies to us when we want to fix or sell them. Thus this increases the cost to stay in them or less money at resale.... making our economy slide even faster into this Government directed abyss. We have given and accepted the fact that NON ELECTED ENTITIES can make policy and OMG... LAW!! EPA is the worst of the agencies as is DEP. Even WHO has been shown to have money involved in the Pharm Companies that made H1N1 innoculations while claiming falsely, of the PANDEMIC!!!! I saw this crap with the first Swine Flu Scare... in the 70s.

I also found out.... I think you may have gotten some bad info. You as the home owner, can buy those windows and install them by your own means. I have installed them and it takes about an hour on the high side. I am sure you can find some "guys" who can do the work as "friends" who you would give a certain amount of Monetary "Barter". I think this BS law only affects Contractors, not individuals.

I am checking here in PA for something similar and as of yet it seems to be State Generated. I could be wrong but there has to be an outcry to the politcians and the shakiness of a revote....


And Wayne wrote back today with:
Since this I contacted my local legislators and it wasn't in lights here (Pa.) but it is part of the FED EPA and as of yet, no one is pushing. I expressed basically the things I gave you to them and one has responded that they will look into this. They were involved in killing the Feds stopping the tolling of I-80 so there is no reason they can't band together again.

Lets hope Wayne is right or you may find yourself in a battle as I was with Euclid fighting fines and jail time for protecting my property rights.

Carey Masci

PS: I told you this was coming!

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LakeCountyOH said...

Carey--the tyrant bureaucrat busy bodies that inhabit Municipal, County, State, and the Federal Government want control over every aspect of our lives. The heavy hands of these layers of government will slap you senseless and steal from you at the same time.

Keep fighting my friend. You are an American Patriot.