Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Abolish the EPAs by Dave Macko

The federal Environmental Protection Agency was established by executive order by Nixon. Congress did not establish it.
It is not authorized by the Constitution and should be repealed.

According to Ohio's EPA was created on October 23, 1972 just after the state income tax was imposed so that the government could squander more money. But I was unable to find out the date of founding at my quick inspection of the EPA's own site. Are they trying to hide something?

The EPA's site tells how they want to regulate every aspect of your life, including the air in your home.

If anyone pollutes air or water they should be charged with trespass and compelled to repair the damage which they have caused. We have courts for that purpose. For this reason the federal and state EPA's should be abolished.

We got along without EPA for almost 170 years. We can do so again.

For Life and Liberty,
David Macko
Candidate for State Representative,
Ohio House District 17

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