Friday, June 25, 2010


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I have been juggling back and forth between the research of the socialist lead law and the oil spill. But right now I need to write about the latest taxes being proposed by the Democrats. One increase is for .18 cents, the other is .42 cents. Both are for gasoline. I don't even remember their names who spoke this nonsense, I was so upset when I heard it I almost threw my toaster at the TV.

The .18 cent hike would be for road improvements as people are driving less because of the recession and the high price of gas. The result of less driving is less tax revenue being generated for road maintenance. This lady said .18 cents is not that much less than a penny per mile since new cars average about 25 mpg.

OK think of how goofy these people are. There is less people driving because of high prices and as a result less tax revenue being generated for road repairs. The solution? Raise gas tax which raises gas prices which means people will drive even less and even less tax will be generated for road repair so you will need to raise gas tax again and..... Are you following this pattern?

The other tax hike of .42 cents would be for environmental clean up in cases of oil spills. It didn't take long for the tax-oholics to spot this opportunity.

So lets add this up. Currently in Ohio the gas tax is about .47 cents per gallon of gas, add .18 for road repair, .42 for clean up and you have a nice little figure of only $1.07 per gallon.

But remember the average new car gets 25 mpg. So lets figure you drive annually about 12,000 miles. 12,000 divided by 25, the mpg of the average new car, and you get 480 gallons of gas, times that by $1.07 and that equals out to only $513.60 annually just for your gas tax bill for your car.

C'mon thats nothing. VP Biden said its patriotic to pay your taxes. So think of it every time you fill up as your patriotic duty.

And our friend EGore, he must be loving this. If you remember he declared war on the internal combustion engine. Furthermore why should he care. He doesn't need to drive anywhere. Al's going to be nice and cozy staying home in the sprawling estate he bought on the west coast.

Carey Masci

Did they ever think of suspending the hideous and dangerous walls they are putting up along side the freeway at 1.8 million dollars per mile to cut the road repair shortfall?

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