Tuesday, June 08, 2010

News from Euclid

Hey Gang,

An IM from a friend:
hey Carey I ran into former Euclid Mayor candidate Chris Litinowitcz. He needs money to fix a flat he is going to start pan handling innocent citizens for the cash. Which is highly illegal in Euclid.

Rich called and asked did you listen to the Mike Trivisonno Show? A caller was complaining about Euclid and their new trash fee. This caller said his house has been empty 2 years so he called Euclid City Hall and complained why should he pay the trash pick up fee when he doesn't put out any garbage? Euclid agreed so they reduced his fee by 50%.
Crazy days indeed.

I was at my friend Bruce's garage sale in Mentor on Saturday. I had the health care petition with me. I asked a man if he would sign it. He said NOPE, it doesn't matter, even if you get your amendment passed they (politicians) will still do what they want. Take Euclid, I use to live there. We voted against that housing development and they still went ahead with it.

At Dollar General the cashier, an older gentleman, was talking to a customer about how Euclid imposed a trash fee and ready for this he told her, a street light fee! I had to chime in and said I know, I keep saying it, white flight is only part of Euclid's problem. He said I agree, they have high taxes, low services, they are killing the city. I bought my parents house because I love the area but now I am stuck.
Hmmm another white man not bothered by blacks moving in. Just had to make sure you got the point.

And the beat down goes on......

What does Dave Macko have to say about housing inspections and regulations?

No city, county, township or other local jurisdiction shall prohibit the owner of any property from letting anyone he wishes live in such property. Any other position is communism, the abolition of private property in land.

Likewise, all property taxes should be repealed and outlawed. Zoning should be phased out, with restrictive covenants reestablished to prevent disorder.

For Life and Liberty,
David Macko
Libertarian Candidate for State Representative,
Ohio House District 17

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