Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The First Republican Debate 2011

My thoughts and opinion on the first Republican debate held in S. Carolina a few weeks ago.
By far the most knowledgeable of the debate and someone who didn't waiver in his message was Ron Paul but in my opinion he didn't win. Before I tell who I thought won, let me tell you first the losers and why.

Governor Johnson of New Mexico didn't have a strong enough message. He may of done an admirable job as governor, I don't know, he may even be a good business leader, but he just doesn't seem that he has what it takes to lead this nation. Two big strikes against Johnson with Conservative and Republicans is his stance to legalize marijuana and he is pro-choice. One plus was he did advocate to do away with the minimum wage.

The other loser was Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty had lost me by the first words he spoke. He was asked a question and sounded like a typical politician by saying Before I answer that let me say thank you to the great state of N. Carolina...... Please the nation is burning, put away the niceties and jump right into it like the rest. He also got booed when he was asked about Cap & Trade which at one time he was for. I just didn't care for his message.

Herman Cain dropped one bombshell that imploded his campaign in my mind, which I will get to. Herman sounded great but with little substance. To Herman's credit though, which he brought up, was the fact he is a little bit vague on some issues because he does not have access to certain information because he is a civilian. The bombshell dropped was that he had endorsed Mitt Romney during the last election. Herman preaches that he is a moral conservative but he endorsed a governor that was very pro-homosexual, plus of course Romney care, that sunk Cain in my eyes.

That brings us back to Rep. Ron Paul and then the winner which I am sure you know by now who my choice is.
Ron Paul again was the most knowledgeable about what ails this country and he knows the Constitution better than most. And again, he doesn't waiver in his message. BUT, two things I am adamantly against he is for. Rep. Paul is for legalizing drugs and he thinks the Federal government should not be involved with marriage.

Sometimes you need to use common sense with the Constitution as with all laws and life. Technically he is right but would legalizing drugs help this country? Would legalizing drugs make crime go down? Would it lower the number of people who need mental health clinics? Receive welfare? This is a national issue, not a state issue. The same with marriage. You can not allow states to make their own marriage laws. What happens if two people marry and then move into a state that doesn't recognize it? This is obviously a national issue. Ron needs to tone down his freedom a little. In a free society you have to restrict certain freedoms to ensure that freedom continues. PERIOD!

So the winner is Senator Rick Santorum. If you asked me what one thing I liked about his message or can I quote him, honestly I can't. But he said a lot of little things right. He is morally to the right which really comes out strong listening to him. His limited government stance is also a positive. But the bigest thing going for Santorum is his moral beliefs. America needs someone right now that knows right from wrong. I believe Senator Rick Santorum is the man.

Carey K. Masci

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