Sunday, June 19, 2011

carey defends his thoughts on drugs and same sex marriage

This is my reply to someone on a meet up board about my thoughts on Ron Paul's stance on drugs and same sex marriage

Please you really need to rehash what I wrote over and over until it makes sense, because it does.

I have never questioned Ron Paul's faith as I am well aware of his Lutheran background and the many babies he has delivered but he is not thinking sensible about the issue of marriage and or drugs.

Please explain this. One state allows same sex marriage, this couple because they are married are allowed to adopt, then this couple decides to move to a state that doesn't recognize same sex marriages. Now what? This is an area that needs a uniform law. This is not like healthcare, education, roads etc....

Furthermore the Constitution needs to expand with the times. When it was written the perversion of same sex partners was unheard of. If you were caught in a homosexual act it was a harsh penalty, sometimes the death sentence. Just like with the advent of the computer, 20 years ago crimes committed using it were unheard of because the Internet was just coming of age. So laws had to be made. Follow me?

About drugs. Making the comparison with alcohol is not the best argument. Would we be better off without alcohol? Only a fool would say we wouldn't be. Think of how many lives would of been saved, think of how the quality of life would be improved, whether its production in the workforce or family life. OK so we tried the experiment with prohibition and it failed, but you will never convince me America is a better place because we made it legal.
Besides, alcohol does have some merit, whether its in cooking, or as a beverage. Can you make that claim with drugs?

Continuing on about drugs...
Explain what freedom is there for a person that is hooked on drugs? What about crack babies? What about communities that are in shambles with people afraid to leave their houses because of the drug violence? And if you are concerned about financial matters, what about welfare and the cost for drug treatment? ALL of America is paying for this. IS there freedom in any of this? Making drugs legal would that make families stay together? Make a more productive worker? Make crime go down? Should I go on?

I have an older friend who is Iranian. He came to America in the late 50's to raise a family. He still has other family members in Iran. This friend went on to say how bad it is in Iran. One of the things the Iranian government does is pass out drugs freely to dope young people from starting a rebellion. Is there freedom in this? Study history and the downfall or decline of many civilizations and nations, its usually debauchery at the root.

And yes I stand by what I wrote: "In a free society you have to restrict certain freedoms to ensure that freedom continues"

There is no freedom with drugs. There is no freedom with allowing the communist party on ballots. Should I continue with examples of freedoms that should be restricted?

Lastly, the war on drugs hasn't failed, its our liberal judicial system and corruption in this country that has. If I know where the drug dealers are then why aren't the cops going to these street corners arresting them? Because most of the drug violence and crime is in the inner city black neighborhoods so who cares. It only becomes a problem when it reaches the white suburbs.

I must add this. One law that I would like to see and I have been telling people this. Any person caught dealing drugs or buying should be tried as helping terrorism. We are being doped out of our freedom to make way for a dictator. There is NO freedom in drugs.

Carey Masci

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