Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ron Paul in 2016 - Is this Possible?

Did anyone pick up on what Ron Paul said on Jay Leno?

Ron said he would not run third party it is counter productive. He didn't slam the GOP. He was actually quite quiet besides for a few jabs at the establishment. But my ears perked up when he said he is saving his energy for 2016. Huh? 2016!

Is this possible?
Could Ron Paul be joking or was he serious? He would be 80 years old in 2016. It is written old men will dream dreams... Does Paul still have dreams of leading this nation? Does his vision tell him to keep running till he succeeds? There has been plenty of dictators that have run countries will into their 80's so why isn't it possible for Paul to make one more run?

Another possibility.

Did Ron Paul make a deal with the GOP and Romney as the GOP and McCain made one with Romney in 2008? It was reported on air during a local show which I no longer feel comfortable promoting butthe host said when Santorum was in Lake County they had a talk. Santorum said they told Mitt if you drop out and let McCain take this election next one is yours.

Could Paul of made a similar deal? Is that why Rand Paul endorsed Mitt and spoke at the RNC? Is that why Paul bowed out graciously with little fight because he conceded until 2016?

But wait could this also be possible?

Could the GOP and Mitt made this deal because in 8 years Paul would be way to old to run so they had nothing to lose? But is it also possible that Ron Paul ran with this deal because he knows Obama will beat Mitt and in 4 years he will be in the drivers seat as the Republican nominee?

I keep telling everyone let the top spot go and look forward to 2016 and if Paul isn't joking we could have our nominee already. So is all this possible? Maybe.

Carey Masci

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