Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In California a local strip club donated money to save a Little League ball club, nothing like a swing and a Miss at a ballgame.

Mitt Romney has been asking for low dollar donations of $10 or less for his campaign. Does he really need the money or is this another one of his ploys, pan handling to look like one of us?

Mitt Romney asking for donations is like Walmart asking for a bailout.

Mitt Romney is a smart investor, it appears he doesn't want to waste his millions. I mean if it was so inevitable that he becomes president why would he ask us for money why doesn't he just spend his own?

Governor Chris Christy is going to start stumping again for Romney. With so many people in the US wondering where there next meal is coming from I don't think an overly obese governor promoting a multimillionaire is good PR.

Frank Russo, Democratic Party Chairman Jimmy Dimora, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich all had this to say before reporting for their prison sentence. We are innocent, Its Bush's fault.

With so many Democrats heading to prison they have decided to change the presidential convention that was to be held in Charlotte, N .C.. The problem for the Democrats now is - what state pen should hold it.

China is hoarding rare earth and precious metals. Why? Everything they make is cheap junk intended for the shelves of Walmart.

When Obama was told China was holding rare earth he thought it was a hostage situation. OK for that one you need to know 70's rock groups.

Newt Gingrich refuses to drop out. He said I don't want to happen to me what happened to Bob Dole, my agent getting me Viagra commercials.

Obama said we should car pool. Most Americans are drowning in debt. Car pool, drowning in debt, I think America's underwater.

Obama is the alternative president. He is for alternative fuels, alternative lifestyles, alternative foods. i just wish he would find an alternative country to go live.

We have had such an unusual warm winter here in NE Ohio. Now I understand while global warming is so bad. I had to pull weeds in February.

The Cleveland Browns got rid of their star running back, Peyton Hillis. According to the team he did not fit in because the Browns offense is designed for passing. They sure fooled me, I thought it was designed for punting.
Carey Masci

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