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FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views March 15

Host Bob Murphy along with Co-Host Chairman Fellows were alone and sparring in the studio on March 15th.
Lets jump right into this weeks news letter.

We have to be careful and better educated if we are to win over Democrats and Liberals. We need to research, learn history and quit running on emotions.

Many of us are very against Obama and his policies and no matter what he does or says he is automatically wrong but what would you say if I said Obama could be right on a few issues, maybe more?

For instance when Obama said drilling for oil won't help (lower the price of gas) most of us thought he was nuts. But guess what, he may be right.

The US currently has a record number of drills working, either for oil or the recent discoveries of natural gas (LNG). The companies drilling for oil are in trouble because of the recent finds has driven the price down. In steps China. China needs oil and LNG. And guess what? They have the money to buy buy buy and are willing to pay more. So if you are a US energy company where prices have fallen flat and you have another country willing to pay more what would you do?

If China does start purchasing from the US that will make China compete against us for our own natural resource and prices will go UP. In Texas China has invested billions and formed a partnership with Chesapeake Energy Corp and they own one of a third stake in another US company Devon Energy.

So you can drill for oil all you want but that won't lower the price not when China is willing to pay and invest.

Obama part 2.
The recent Arizona immigration bill was deemed unconstitutional by the Obama administration. Again the people were up in arms. But was Obama right?

According to a book I am reading American Government In 1921 by Frank Magruder Ph. D. c. 1921 it says on page 210:

In 1914 Arizona provided that any company or individual that employs more than 5 persons must employ not less than 80% qualified voters or native born citizens of the US. This law was declared unconstitutional because of its enforcement would have discriminated against aliens and thus would have deprived them of the equal protection of the State's laws.

YES I understand today’s immigration law from Arizona is different and maybe the key word is illegal alien rather than just alien (or are they the same?) but there are precedents and these previous rulings that were declared unconstitutional towards aliens which we did nothing about has set the stage for our current problems that have opened the floodgates.

So technically Obama has been right. But where Obama has failed as president is he should try to correct injustices and protect the American people but right now he is doing neither.

The rumor mill keeps on spinning about Mitt Romney and Ron Paul's collaboration to get Rand Paul picked as Mitt's VP if he does grab the nomination.

I am hoping this is in fact just a rumor as in a few years I would love to see Rand Paul run for president and being a patsy for Mitt will not help his stature. He would then be known as Mitt's Sarah Palin when Mitt loses to Obama. Not even a Rand Paul or Marco Rubio will save the Mitt ship from sinking in November just like Palin couldn't save McCain.

Santorum could lose big in November. YES here is why, if by some miracle Santorum does pull off the upset and beats the chosen one Mitt the establishment would not be happy their man lost. They could play politics and not back Santorum. We have seen this game many times on the local and state level. Stay wise to this as you will have to work extra hard to get Santorum elected over Obama, that's if Santorum wins the nomination over the chosen one.

Carey Masci
Here's my short commentary for this week, short and to the point.

America is a great country. We were the envy of the world. I just don't understand this philosphy of social engineering and the push towards globalization. Trading with world partners for goods is one thing but to make us all equal is another thing. We should never have to lower our standards to be equal they should have to raise theirs. And that's what socialism and one world government does, it makes everyone equal at a lower level not better.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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