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Trayvon Martin - FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views March 22

Host Bob Murphy, Our Tea Party Liaison Carey Masci, and Senate Candidate Dave Macko were discussing events and news.
I was asked why a Libertarian in the booth? Well to that I ask is it God, country and then party? If it is then what matters is the person’s stance on issues.
Dave Macko is pro-life, in favor of removing the US from the UN, limiting if not eliminating the EPA, and would love to see Obama impeached, all Conservative stances.
Our country is in trouble and anyone who recognizes this and is in the battle to restore freedoms to our country we should give an ear and listen.

Now to the newsletter:
Trayvon Martin
Racism is alive and well when it should be dead but the blacks and liberals keep fanning the smoldering ashes to bring it back. When I first heard about the murder of Trayvon Martin I didn’t jump to conclusion I needed to know more.  The first thing I did was research the crime statistics for the area where the altercation took place. Researching the crime stats would tell more of the story or fill in some blanks.

 According to Neighborhood Scout ( the city of Sanford has a crime index of 3 – which means the city is safer than 3% of the cities in the US. A score of 100 is safest. A score of 3 wouldn’t make you feel so secure would it?

The specific area where this happened was the gated community of Retreat at Twin Lakes but from another article taken off the web I found this …police had been called to the 260-unit complex 402 times from Jan. 1, 2011 to Feb. 26, 2012. Looking at these stats puts things into a little bit of a different perspective.

I am not giving George Zimmerman the shooter a free pass but the point I am trying to make is the real victims of a killing like this are the people who live in these crime ridden areas that are almost like prisoners and don’t know what else to do.

Until America changes her moral path, addresses poverty, chases out liberal judges who hand out lenient sentences and we end this poor me attitude and place the blame on the criminal not the victim of the crime out of frustration these unfortunate acts and killings will continue to happen.
Is Santorum reading my blogs? Santorum said it would be better to elect Obama instead of Mitt. OK maybe those aren’t his exact words but that’s what’s all over the Internet and it’s just what I have been saying. So let me say it again and again and again – YES – it would be better to elect Obama over Mitt. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

Let me try once more.
If Mitt gets elected the issues of Christianity, homosexuality, abortion, mandated government programs are off the table. No more will they be discussed, Republicans will become just like the Democrats. We need to hold the fort and get a true Republican elected.
Gaffs vs. Lies
Let me try it this way.
Gaff – Obama: I have been to 57 states. No rebuttal, no spin, dumb stupid gaff.
Lie - Mitt: I am not for the Blunt amendment. Spin time: I am for the Blunt amendment the question asked was confusing.
Gaff – Obama: Eau Claire is a big important state
Lie – Mitt: we have to speed up the foreclosures so investors can buy. Whoops: Mitt then said government should help banks to keep people in their own homes.
Understand yet? A gaff you don’t have to correct, you laugh and move on, with a lie or when you speak honestly but it doesn’t help your campaign you have to spin and cover up your previous statement. Mitt doesn’t make many gaffs. He is telling you the first time what he wants and intends to do. Mitt is a very moderate to liberal Republican if you can call him one.

Surprised by the poor showing of Ron Paul.
I thought we would see a three way fight between a Conservative (Santorum), Libertarian leaning (Paul) and an establishment (Romney) candidate battle until the end with each hovering above or near the 30% mark.
I know Paul has some unconventional ways and thinking but I thought he would be doing much better. Very surprising. Maybe he will have a late surge, anything is possible.
Carey Masci
I lived through the race riots of the 60’s. It’s a real shame in the year 2012 we are still having race issues but the truth is our country and the world will never eradicate all hatred or predjudism. But what each one of us can do is when a situation like Trayvon Martin happens is let the courts handle it and not jump to conclusions.
We must not allow this to divide America, that’s what the enemy wants, we must not fall for it. And if each one of us would lend a helping hand to those in need and a welcoming smile to everyone we meet America would be a far better place.
That’s how America will stay United.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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