Saturday, March 24, 2012

2 weeks of humor - whoops forgot to post this

Hey Gang here is two weeks of humor, I mean not two weeks worth of reading, I mean two weeks of humor I saved up, I mean you know two weeks of jokes, you know I like my humor, its all the right size. 

Is Mitt worried?  Not at all.  Mitt had this to say.... People are still getting to know me, if I don't get the nomination this year I am confident by the year 2032 I will.  It just takes perseverance.
I have come up with many nicknames suitable for Romney.  The newest stems from all the super pac money he has. Mitts newest name is.... Pac-man.

People thought it was a dumb move to hold a speech for Romney inside such a huge stadium in Detroit that was mostly empty when he talked.  Romney's handlers knew exactly what they were doing, they wanted to make sure they had enough room for Mitt's ego.

Mitt said he was glad to be in Michigan where all the trees are the right size.  Someone told me that has to be code language.  Well I figured it out.  It's socialism talk.  One size fits all.  That's pretty bad when a GOP candidate talks about trees being the right size you would expect that from the Democratic or Green Party.

Newt said you can't mount a gun rack on a Chevy Volt and Obama said but you can mount a stun gun.

Obama recently was singing the blues in the East Room of the White House.  Its the first time he has connected with the voting public who have been singing the blues since he got elected. 

 They keep talking about the bridge to no where, it seems like poor Newt is traveling on it because he is going no where.

Contraception was admitted to the recent transportation bill.  I guess they are trying to prevent accidents.

Mitt once again had to explain his flip flop this time about the Blunt Amendment.  He said...
I got confused when I said I was against when it I am actually for it.   I got confused because I thought the blunt amendment had to do with politicians being blunt, I mean I am all for being honest but not blunt, I mean do we need a blunt amendment, I mean its a good thing to be blunt but not all the time but then I found out it had to do with contraception and then I thought being blunt would be good having to be blunt and telling someone I want sex only, that's a good blunt, I mean I like the blunt amendment I really do, in fact I like amendments in Washington DC they are all the right size.

    Serious though folks I really honestly do feel Mitt would be good for this country.  Both parties would be happy.  The Dems can have him on the odd numbered days and the Repubs can have him on the even number.  There will be no more explaining his flip flops, everyone will be happy.

HEY which side of the bed does Mitt wake up on?    BOTH!!!

                                         Carey Masci

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