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Tebow and your words FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views March 29

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows
The People Speak
These are comments from various people I have met the last few weeks. Everyone had something meaningful to say so much so that I thought it was good enough to pass on.

Dave first time voter

This will be Dave's first election and he's excited. I asked whom he likes and Dave replied I guess Romney but I like Santorum also. I then asked being a younger person I thought you would be in favor of Ron Paul. His reply was Paul believes in things I don't like legalizing drugs we all ready have enough problems in this country with drugs.
A client of my janitorial business who is a Lawyer who has appeared in front of the Supreme Court twice says he thinks the Supreme Court will kick Obama Care down the road because it is not fully implemented. There is not much to vote on yet so they might not rule until 2014.
And I add.... If this is true, Obama Care is here to stay because if a ruling is delayed until it is fully implemented then the argument will be in 2014 it will cost more and do more damage to repeal it.
Robert pro-lifer.
I saw Robert's van parked while I was leaving the bank. I told him I liked his bumper sticker - Abortion Is Not Healthcare. He said thanks I usually get the middle finger. Two days later he recognizes me at O'Reilly's Auto Parts. I asked if he is involved with politics. He said not really mostly on pro-life issues, in fact if the Democratic Party were pro-life I would vote Democrat. I then asked what he would do when Romney gets the nomination. He said it's not over yet, I am a Roman Catholic and our Bishop told the congregation to fast and pray for Santorum.
93 year old Bob
I met Bob at a Wickliffe restaurant. In our 15-minute conversation we talked about everything, his '92 Plymouth Acclaim he still drives, UFO's on to politics, Bob told me he is not into politics, politicians are all the same. It’s getting where you no longer vote for someone but against someone.
Too that I agreed and he left.

Somethings to make you think

Paul Ryan's budget plan passes the House, the following day he endorses Mitt.
The data shows how disillusioned Republican voters are. Less people are voting in the Republican primary than in 2008. The big reason is many are fed up with the way Mitt has been pushed on us and most feel it is inevitable Mitt wins the nomination so why bother to vote. In a year when enthusiasm should be running high the GOP establishment has squelched it by hand picking the primary winner they want but the majority of voters don't.
What to do with Tebow? Get him out of town. And the reason is, his public display of faith. Why else would Denver sign an aging super star with a bad neck? Because they are throwing a bone at Bronco's fans, we got rid of Tebow but look who we got, Payton Manning a hall of famer. IF Manning still had it in his tank the Colts would of paid the money. Let's see what happens with Tebow in NY.
The VP watch.
OK Santorum isn't dead yet and maybe there is a miracle waiting to happen but the murmur and talk is still all about Mitt and who should he pick as his running mate or as I have been putting it who will be Mitt's Sarah Palin. As in the last election with McCain, Conservatives may be voting for VP not president but it still won't be enough.
  Carey Masci
Democracy was on display this past Monday night at the Lake GOP Headquarters.  Best central committee meeting I went to in 35 years.  We got vocal, we exchanged thoughts and arguments, voted down one measure, voted in agreement on another, held group caucuses to elect precinct leaders and voted for Vice Chair. 
I was really elated there was that much life at the meeting.  I would of been worried if the attendees were despondent but that was not the case.  Everyone shared in ideas for the good of the party and our nation.
Here’s a little saying for you – In here we fight, out there we unite. 
It’s OK to argue and discuss as long as when the whistle blows you unite.  It’s no different than a close-knit family and that’s how we are in the Lake County Republicans like a family. 
And for those of you not involved, you really should get involved and become a part of our family.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy
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