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April 6 FURTHERMORE - The news letter of America News and Views

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

George Zimmerman
Keep an eye on the George Zimmerman case. This could have huge consequences for law enforcement, security, block watch volunteers really anyone who carries a gun. The Leftist Democrats have been waiting to pounce on a tragedy such as this.
They can't take your guns away with out a crisis well they have one and stirred up the masses to support it. If Zimmerman is tried and convicted it will set a precedent to stiffen gun laws and make it almost impossible to defend yourself. It will also embolden criminals or anyone up to mischief.

The Mitt Polka
I don't want Mitt you can have him – He's to fake for me – HEY - He's to fake for me – Hey!   Sorry I had to throw that in.

Has anything really changed
Growing up I wondered what does the bible have to do with modern times, what could we possibly learn from people who lived thousands of years ago? But as I got older I realized that man is basically the same and it doesn't matter what year you were born we all have the same emotions and passions and sins, nothing is new.
Same problems a thousand years ago, same problems 500 years ago, same problems when this country was being founded and the same problems today, man is man and it seems as if we never learn and always repeat our mistakes.
Read this: An old party may have no principles differing from the opposing party, and may said to be “looking for an issue.” “A party may hold together long after it's moral life is extinct.... Parties go on contending because their members have formed habits of joint action, and have contracted hatreds and prejudices, and also because the leaders find advantage in using these habits and playing on these prejudices... The mill has been constructed and its machinery goes on turning even when there is not grist to grind.”
So when do you think this was written? Recently?  Nope, it was written way back in 1922 by Ray P. Orman.

Do you see the connection? Isn’t that where we are today with the two major political parties? Has anything changed? Sure it did for a while but looking where we are at now are the parties really any different? Of course I wouldn’t include groups that spawned off from the major parties like the TEA Party but the establishment on both sides is eerily similar.

There is something else that caught my attention in what Orman wrote “looking for an issue.” And that's why Mitt Romney flip-flops and flounders so much; he is looking for an issue. When you put him next to Obama so many things blur that you wonder if there is a difference? Health Care – nope, abortion – nope, gay rights – nope, religion – nope, environment - nope, so where are they different? That's why Mitt flip-flops he is looking for an issue, what is Mitt’s issue?

Then you have Santorum who has been fighting to get his message out and people are still supporting him. Why? He has an issue, he knows his issue, he has battled his issue, he hasn't wavered on his issue and that issue would be social issues. That's why has hasn't flip flopped he knows who he is and what he stands for, he doesn't have to go looking for an issue and people respect this.

Staying with this same topic lets flash back to the '08 GOP New Hampshire debate
McCain was complaining about the countless attack ads from Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney talking to Mike Huckabee … don’t try to characterize my position on the war… Huckabee - Which one?
Has anything changed? Not really just the date and some of the names.
Carey Masci
What has me worried about this Trayvon/Zimerman story is the frenzy of the media because it is dividing this nation further.  Every time something tragic happens there is the media building up the story and both political parties taking sides without knowing the full story.  America had lynch mob mentality years ago and justice was never served correctly are we heading back to those days?  I pray not. 
Your friend,
Bob Murphy

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