Friday, January 22, 2010

Take a bow but don't relax

Well Brown has won the senate seat as I thought he would. Now lets dice it and slice it a bit.
First I want everyone who has been involved in any tea party event, protest, letter writing campaign to take a bow.. It is this sort of action that is starting to ignite and inform America of what is going on. Without this kind of effort Obama and the Liberal Commies would already have us in lockdown. Thank you. BUT lets not get complacent and think the fight is over. OH NO. This war is ongoing and I feel won't go away. We are in a fight not only for our individual freedom but also for our country. Evil never sleeps.
As much as this was a very important victory we need to keep things in perspective. Please keep in mind the newly elected Senator Brown is more of a moderate. But I guess in a liberal state like Massachusetts and taking over a seat once held by one of the most liberal senators ever it is a step in the right direction. We now need to keep an eye on Brown and make sure he adheres to his campaign promises.
What I am worried about is what happened back in the 90's when the Republicans were gaining in numbers could happen again. Most on the right side thought it was great the suden surge and growth. But it was because of Slick Willy and all his misdeeds that caused politicians to move to the right or join the Republicans back then. They were riding the wave of the populist angst and the disgust of the Conservative right as we are now. And what happened? The Conservative movement that Reagan spawned gave way to moderates. And what did moderates give us? Arlene Specter, John McCain to name just two. So we need to reorganize and as we gain in numbers lets be careful who we allow in. More moderation or pseudo Republicans will doom the momentum the Conservatives are now showing and allow the Left to stay in power or grow even stronger.
So enjoy this victory but lets get back to work!


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