Friday, January 29, 2010

some current event thoughts - some past event thoughts

Toyota has been known for cars that run and run and run. Lately they have really proven that by building cars that do indeed keep on running and running and running, the gas pedal gets stuck. They first blamed car mats and then driver error. DRIVER ERROR? How do you blame people for sticking gas pedals? You got to have extremely fat feet for that to happen. 2.3 million cars will be recalled and 8 car lines will be shut down until a remedy is found. I have a remedy! Buy American.

President Obama has called for a spending freeze for two years. Isn't that like an alcoholic saying he is going to quit drinking for two years?

I really don't know what made me think of this because I really hate the singing of Bruce Springsteen. But I got to thinking of the irony of his concerts he put on for President Obama. The man who sold millions of copies of "Born in the USA" sang for a president that we really don't know if he was born in the USA.

As the title of this email says these are random thoughts. What I find so extremely crazy about the attempted bombing on Christmas day in Detroit is that Detroit has one of the largest Arab/Muslim settlements. So why would these radical Muslims want to bomb an area that they have settled in? Home sweet home.

The recent Supreme Court ruling has struck down some of the provisions of the McCain-Feingold law in the name of free speech. Now corporations and other groups can spend more money prior to an election.
I still don't understand how spending more money equals free speech.

So you are badly in debt. What you bring in is not nearly enough. You probably won't pay off what you owe. You go to the bank and ask to raise your credit limit? What do you think they will say?
Congress is asking to raise the US debt ceiling beyond 12 trillion dollars. Do understand where I am going with this?


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