Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Massachusetts Senate Election

Unless you have turned off all media you should be aware of the Senate race in Massachusetts for the seat left vacant by Sen. Ted Kennedy. Republican Scott Brown and Democrat Martha Coakley are in a tight race. BUT did you know that there is a third candidate running? Joe Kennedy, no relationship to the liberal Kennedy clan, The Tea Party Candidate as his website calls him.
Its quite sad that most haven't even heard of him. I watched the debate on C Span and didn't realize Joe was even involved because most of the questions asked were directed at Scott and Martha. When Joe was asked a question it was "Of the two candidates which one do you agree with the most?" What an insult.
Until we can treat a third party candidate with respect and give equal time we are going to get more of the same. I understand you can't give equal time to everyone running, as in California's governors race where you had a prostitute and a naked man amongst others campaigning, BUT in a three person race it can and should be done.
Either way, this does show an anti-Obama and anti-Washington race as its two against one. Republican Scott Brown and Independent Joe Kennedy both oppose the health care and the direction America is heading versus Democrat Martha Coakley who is for health care and the Democratic agenda.
This is a bellwether not only for the upcoming elections in the fall but also Obama's presidency. If Martha wins its all hands on deck and lets push through healthcare and whatever else tax or program President Obama wants. There's no stopping them. If Scott Brown or Joe Kennedy win look out its going to be a stampede from Democrats to distance themselves from Obama so they can stand a chance of being reelected.
In my opinion I believe Scott Brown will win and even though he is more of a moderate Republican, if he does this could be such a strong shot across the bow by taking a seat held for some many years by an extremely liberal Democrat that Republicans could sweep the upcoming elections and make a Obama a one term lame duck president.

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