Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Closer Look at the State of the Union 2010

Its been a week since the State of the Union Address but it is still very important to take a closer look at it. What I am worried about is that President Obama will tone down his positions and sound more of a moderate until after the elections, and the Tea Party and populist anger will subside or possibly abandon their cause and will be willing to give him and the Democratic party another chance. We can not let this happen, America can not afford a two term presidency from this man. We must unite and fight back against socialism on all levels.
I also wanted to be fair in my review and as unbiased as possible about the State of the Union Address so I did not read or view any commentaries. I was not able to watch the speech but did read it twice, line by line and slowly. The first time I did it seemed it was OK but there were a few red flags. The second time I read it the faults and inaccuracies really jumped out. I encourage you to read it.
So instead of giving yet another review of how good or bad it was I am going to hi-light paragraphs that showcase how much of a socialist, globalist and liar President Obama is. There is possibly other paragraphs or phrases you could pick out but these are the ones that bothered me the most.
Taken from the State of the Union 2010
But to create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives. And that means building a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants in this country. It means making tough decisions about opening new offshore areas for oil and gas development.
Red flag number 1! Don't believe him. CNN Sun August 3, 2008. "When I'm president, I intend to keep in place the moratorium here in Florida and around the country that prevents oil companies from drilling off Florida's coasts," Obama told reporters in Jacksonville in late June.
Obama campaigned against McCain with the opposite stance of opening up areas for oil exploration. Oil prices have been steadily rising once again. He has had a whole year to reverse the ban and hasn't done it. Now we are suppose to believe him?

Red Flag number 2 It means continued investment in advanced biofuels and clean coal technologies. And, yes, it means passing a comprehensive energy and climate bill with incentives that will finally make clean energy the profitable kind of energy in America

If this alludes to the Cap & Trade legislation be worried, very worried. A quote from Senator Voinovich ....if this would pass there would be pocket-numbing decreases in household incomes

Red Flag number 3.
Third, we need to export more of our goods. Because the more products we make and sell to other countries, the more jobs we support right here in America. So tonight, we set a new goal: We will double our exports over the next five years, an increase that will support 2 million jobs in America. To help meet this goal, we're launching a national export initiative that will help farmers and small businesses increase their exports, and reform export controls consistent with national security.

The first problem we have is what does America make that we can export? The other point is why are we so worried about exporting? Why not build it here and buy our own products? Why don't we rescind some of these trade deals that dump cheap and dangerous imports on our shores? You want to help farmers, stop food from entering made in China. This is nothing more than globalism!

And that's why we'll continue to shape a Doha trade agreement that opens global markets, and why we will strengthen our trade relations in Asia and with key partners like South Korea and Panama and Colombia.
Key partners like Panama and Colombia? Obama was against trade with Panama because of being known as a tax haven for corporations. In fact Obama cosponsored a bill with Sen. Carl Levin and Sen. Norm Coleman titled The Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act which has Panama listed.
And.... From the CFR website: In a March 2008 speech, Obama has also criticized the U.S.-South Korea FTA, which he said is "bad for American workers." The deal "would give Korean exports essentially unfettered access to the U.S. markets.
Now he wants to trade with S. Korea. Which Obama do we believe?

Part 2 next posting.


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