Friday, February 19, 2010

This posting really jumps around

This posting really jumps around.

What happened to the scare and hype concerning the H1N1? What did I tell you? When all the fear was circulating I kept saying it coincidences with the hype surrounding the health care bill. It was preparing peoples minds to think of health issues and what if I get sick? It seems to be a rather mild year for the flu. No schools have shut down as in previous years. But lets hope the Obama healthcare shuts down.

A sneeze or was she calling someone
I was at the Asian food store Park and Shop in Cleveland Tuesday. It is so amazing their language. Its hard to describe, it almost makes you crazy when you are in a room with all of them talking at once. This one lady I thought was calling her son but I saw her blow her nose. So it must of been achoo I heard not ah choo.

Going out on a limb here
I know we are three years away before the next presidential election so file this one away for future reference. The way the Dems are bailing out could this doom Obama from being a 2 term president? I am not meaning by being defeated by a Republican candidate, which is also very possible, but by someone inside the ranks of the Democratic Party. I don't think I can ever remember a presidency as this. If it gets much worse, heres my going out on a limb, I predict that Hillary will ride to the rescue to unify the party and challenge him. Pat Buchanan did it against President Bush Sr. which weakened his presidency and invigorated the Conservatives, Hillary can do the same for the Democrats and liberals. She has a big enough ego and the party and Dems still like her. BUT Obama has an even bigger ego and would fight it tooth and nail. But its my prediction so Republicans be prepared.

I know some of you won't agree with this but I got to thinking of how Teddy Kennedy died of brain cancer and Murtha died pfrom gall bladder surgery. This verse came to mind: Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked. Face it, the Liberal policies are far from Godly. Jesus came to set the captives free and they want to put us back into bondage.

Value Time
I recently bought a jar of tomato sauce and corn bread muffins made by Value Time. When in a hurry I buy any cheap jar sauce and doctor it. You know, brown meat, Italian seasonings, wine etc.... But this jar from Value Time was the pits. I wasted a good pork chop on it. No matter how much seasonings I added it still tasted like bad ketchup. The cornbread muffins were OK but the package only made 5. 5? I never heard of anything coming in 5 other than the Jackson's. Maybe thats why it was so cheap they left out one.

Cleveland is the Polka capital
I was invited to the Polka Hall of Fame in Euclid by Cecilia Dolgan this evening. They were opening a new exhibit in honor of Johnny Vadnal. I did work for Cecelia which came as a referral through her sister in law which came through Angelos Beauty salon that I maintain. The last time I was at Cecilia's we were talking about Cleveland and Polka groups of the past. She was modest and didn't speak much of herself. I went home and did some research on her and realized she is very prominent in the Cleveland Polka scene and has cut 10 records, one of which is in my record collection, its titled Cecilia sings in Polka Town U.S.A. made back in the 60's. Do a search for it online. Maybe no big deal to you but I like connections like that.

Mayor Cervenek of Euclid wants to charge for trash removal, street light fee's and instal red light and speed cameras to balance the budget. When I asked him how can I pay for Euclid's demands he said run my business better. I got it!!!! I will charge my tenants a porch light fee, instal a camera in the house and every time they run down the hall charge them. By the way Euclid has issued a new summons. Stay tuned I will be needing ALL of you again real soon to get the word out if I go back to jail.

Hope you enjoyed this and found it informative.
Gotta GoGo!!
Carey K. Masci

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