Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Carey's Official Announcement

Hey Gang,
Some of you know this already but this is the official announcement, I am now on the radio, another oportunity I am relishing in.
The show is BREAKDOWN RADIO with Mike (Gutierrez) and Josh (Guzik), and every other week Mike Pelsozy comes on with local news and political updates. It airs every Saturday from 2 to 3 pm on WELW 1330 am.
I have been asked before to come on radio shows, the first time by Bishop Davis way back, but each time turned it down from fright. Not wanting to let another opportunity pass I pushed myself into going.
The first visit I was so nervous. Mike asked did I want to speak and I quickly said OH NO, let me sit and watch. The second time I showed up I was thinking to myself I can do this, no one can see me, what's to worry. And then Mike makes the announcement "And for those of you with a computer you can watch us online." I was just gathering my confidence and then I had to hear that. The first three shows all I said were a few sentences and thats it.
For those of you who have never done something like this its very intimidating and not as easy as it looks. It takes timing and quick thinking. Watching from the sidelines and doing it are completely different. Mike and Josh have very good chemistry and they keep the current flowing. Mike kept telling me you want to say something just jump in. When I did have a thought and tried to get it out they had already moved on.
The show is Christian/Conservative talk and has four things going for it, random topics, its lively, informative, and slightly controversial. Someone called and said we were an embarrassment to the Republican party. It was either a Democratic plant or a Republican who was stunned by the forthright honesty. We don't favor anyone.
Mike Gutierez, besides having a terrific radio voice, is extremely gifted and quite natural behind the mic as he is also in person giving speeches. He has the knack of continuing to speak while thinking of the next topic or thought. He never pauses or says ummm or ahhh as so many do. Mike can be talking about politics and then slide right into talking about God without you even realizing the transition. Josh Guzic is equally as quick witted with his added comments and thoughts. As for Mike Pelsozy he is in your face and animated. He gives you your medicine whether you like it or not.
As for myself, I don't know how long this stint will be but even if I just sit in and give an occasional absolutely or amen I am enjoying it.
I know I am still very green but kind of embarrassed that I haven't shaken the nerves completely and still stumble. Mike has pitched a few softballs to me and I don't feel I capitalized enough. February 6 Mike did a review of my take on the state of the union address and tried to plug my writings. When asked where they can be read I couldn't remember my own blog and I didn't even think of plugging the GoGo Bus site.
And last week I had a super opportunity to really expose Euclid when Mike got to talking about Cleveland being the most miserable city. I cut in with what Euclid is doing to me. I got to wound up, to nervous and don't think I bridged the topics enough. I did mange to get some thoughts out and the person manning the sound board cut in and said he knows all to well what Euclid is doing.
Give the show a listen. I may not say to much as I am still learning but most importantly its another wonderful experience that I can say HEY I DID IT!
Carey K. Masci

Also find February 6th to hear a review of my writings.

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