Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Carey's political humor for February 2010

What does Toyota and Obama have in common?
There's no stopping a Toyota and theres no stopping Obama from spending.

Due to extreme cold and snow, EGore announced his calculations were off.
Global warming doesn't start until next year.

Washington DC has received so much snow that the government shutdown.
Finally Congress can experience what they have given us for years... a snow job.

Sarah Palin got caught with a cheat sheet written on her hand.
But nobody bothered to check Senator John Edward's hand for girls phone numbers.

Really though whats the big deal? Sarah had a few words scribbled on her hand and Obama
uses a TelePrompTer. Tell me whats the difference?

The city of Euclid announced it will charge residents a street light fee. I say shut them off.
Lets light candles and hold a vigil.

Euclid also wants to charge residents a trash fee. I am against that also.
We need the trash to burn for heat since we can't afford utilities because of taxes and fees.

Euclid could become known as the city of drive-bys. They want to instal traffic cameras
to raise revenue. If they do instead of driving through Euclid people will just... drive by.

Carey K. Masci

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