Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This is whats wrong with the GOP - they do not police the party

Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson thinks the pledge that an Iowa Christian conservative group is circulating is offensive because it condemn gays, single parents, divorcees, Muslims, women who choose to have abortions “and everyone else who doesn’t fit in a Norman Rockwell painting.”
The Family Leader, a conservative advocacy group led by Sioux City’s Bob Vander Plaats, last week introduced a pledge that calls for fidelity to one’s spouse, vigorous opposition to anything but monogamous one-man/one-woman marriage, a cooling off period for those seeking a fast divorce, earnest legal defense of the Defense of Marriage Act, rejection of Sharia Islam and all other anti-woman forms of totalitarian control, recognition of the benefits of robust childbearing and reproduction, action against any illegal pornography, and protection for women from forced prostitution and forced abortion

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People who have strong moral principles and stand up for what this country was founded on understand the above pledge.  As for Gary Johnson, he should be censored from the Republican Party.

Even here locally with the Lake GOP we have by laws and principles to follow. If we don't make sure they are being followed why have them? Just lets become the party of anything goes.

Carey Masci

Important side notes: Mitt Romney also refused to sign it. Rick Santorum was the first to sign the above pledge as well as Michelle Bachman. And a note to my friends who are now leaning more towards the Libertarian thinking Repubs, is this the kind of person you want as president someone who won't stand up for whats right?

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