Monday, August 15, 2011

what the canadian said and england

At the vintage RV gathering I attended over the weekend, a couple from Canada were in attendance.

Over dinner the lady from Canada spoke up and said I have news for you, YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSPORT TO ENTER CANADA - I REPEAT YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSPORT but you do need one to reenter the US.

I then spoke up and said you do not need a passport to enter the US if you are Mexican, you just walk over.

The ladies husband chimed in with This has nothing to do with security, this has to do with a oppressive government controlling the people, what is wrong with Americans, why don't they rise up and take their country back.

Friends our Northern Neighbors are watching.
taken from a Yahoo news story about the riots in England:
The riots appeared to have little unifying cause — though some involved claimed to oppose sharp government spending cuts, which will slash welfare payments and cut tens of thousands of public sector jobs through 2015.

Pay close attention to what is happening in Wisconsin. Could the US be next with revolt over government spending cuts like Greece has and England is now experiencing? The Dems have created class warfare and it could get real ugly to the point of a civil war.

I watched the communist Ed Shultz tonight on TV coming live from Wisconsin stirring up the crowd for tomorrows election. It was sickening the signs and the people screaming. Governor Scott Walker is doing all he can to balance the Wisconsin budget and this is what happens? This is scary where this could lead. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when it stirs up the masses to the point of unrest , then the plug should be pulled on Ed Shultz.

United we stand - divided we fall, how close are we to seeing those words come true?

Carey Masci

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