Friday, February 24, 2012

Debate in Arizona more like a rebate I want my time back

I shouldn’t watch these debates they do nothing for me other than raise my blood pressure and create more disdain for this wonderful system of ours that pushes and promotes the candidate the establishment wants.
This last debate was stacked in Romney’s favor.  Through out the night you heard cheers for him while there were plenty of sneers for Santorum.  Arizona leans more towards Mitt so he was more than geared up for the debate but in Ohio and Georgia where he is trailing he pulled out of the debate scheduled there and in turn CNN pulled the plug.  Why, don’t we have three other candidates to appear? 
(Want more proof how they are pulling out all the stops to get Mitt in?  In Maine only 95% of the primary vote is still counted.  Word has it when all is counted and done, Paul will win that state.  They are doing the same shenanigans as in Iowa.  BUT there is also an unholy alliance between Paul and Mitt, have you noticed they don’t attack each other?  Is this why Paul is not making a big deal?  Keep an eye on this!!!)
The winner of the Arizona debate if you were born under a rock, born yesterday or just that afternoon decided to watch something political was Mitt.  But if you have half a knowledge of the past or are even the least bit involved Mitt lied and lied and lied.  I was sickened. 
Newt looked his educated scholarly self, Santorum looked tired but had good moments and Paul his smirk and downing of Santorum is starting to wear thin.
Paul the champion of the Constitution, the pro-American candidate and I believe in God also nominee doesn’t quite get it.  If he were so concerned about the welfare of America why would he introduce legislation with Barney Franks to legalize marijuana?  Why would he want to legalize prostitution?  America is falling into the abyss of has been nations because of lack of morals and Paul’s Libertarian views of if it feels good do it is what got our country into this mess. 
Paul also doesn’t know history.  His beating of the drum that we mind our own business over seas is what gave us WWII.  Maybe he should go live in Israel or a third would country such as Indonesia or the Philippines where the Muslim threat is real.  IF we don’t spread peace or stay the watchdog for our fellow democratic nations who will?  Santorum quoted figures of how small of a percentage the military budget compared to everything else is but Paul keeps pounding that drum.  I use to love Paul but the more I listen to him the more I have realized how sober and a realist I have become.  I don’t smoke dope and I do believe in promoting values, which leads to more freedom. 
Now… Lets put this Specter argument to bed once and for all.  Way before this debate I researched the why would Santorum endorse Specter?  Flip Romney brought this up as a real got you moment and it fizzled.  So here it is again.
Santorum endorsed Specter because Specter was head of the judiciary committee.  An agreement was made if Santorum endorsed Specter, Specter would go along with President Bush Jrs. Supreme Court picks.  Because of this deal we got Samuel Alito and John Roberts appointed to the Supreme Court.  In the end Toomey was elected anyways so in sports terms who wouldn’t make that trade?  Specter is out, we have 2 Conservative lifetime judges and we also have Toomey in the Senate.  I say that’s a deal even Steinbrenner would have made.
But it goes even further, Santorum must be a liberal because he endorsed Specter, Santorum must be for gun control because of his endorsement of Specter and on and on it goes.  All this from one endorsement.  Has this been laid to rest yet or shall I continue?
The only thing I am not happy with is the endorsement of Romney in ’08 Santorum made.  According to Santorum I had to do something, I know McCain and wanted to stop him from grabbing the nomination. It’s a stain Santorum will have to live with.  McCain was a bad choice and so was Mitt, he should have endorsed no one.
In the end WE the informed have to inform the uninformed otherwise these debates and the slanted media will push and shove Romney on us, the I will do more for the Gay agenda than Teddy Kennedy, I am 100% pro-choice, I created Romney-Care, I never voted to raise taxes while Governor but raised fees on everything candidate.  And you know what Mitt as our nominee will get us in the end?  Why another 4 more years of Obama, aren’t you excited?
                            Carey Masci

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