Sunday, May 15, 2011

bin ladin and the deep sea

Just about every thing has been written and or said about the tossing of Osama into the sea so I won't analyze what has already been, just a few comments.

I didn't put this in writing but when I heard the news I immediately called my friend Cindy and said this isn't the last you heard about Osama. And sure enough, its raging strong and will be for years, right up there with JFK, Hoffa, Area 51, Obama's origin of birth and all the other conspiracies.

It is still hard to believe that the greatest - the strongest nation on earth and we toss the most wanted fugitive in the world into the sea?? This is beyond bizarre. Someone pinch me, am I dreaming?

I want to make sure I have everything correct so I will ask you.

The Muslims don't mind us killing a murderous Muslim but they care about how the body of this murderous Muslim is laid to rest?
Obama promised to have a transparent government but he won't show us the photos, plus he rids the body into the sea?
OK let me get this straight, we wage war on radical Islam but them we are afraid to let a pastor burn a Koran or release photos of Osama because it would endanger lives. Ummm.... is this showing strength or weakness?
OK let me get this straight, our government won't release the photos because they are to gruesome, but they allow the Jerry Springer show on TV.

This just in - OSAMA IS DEAD but Obama is still in office.

I guess this puts to rest the conspiracy that Osama was in Texas playing golf with George W.

Word has it that since Osama has officially been found, the US will now focus all their attention on locating Obama's real birth certificate. They think it could be in a cave in Afghanistan.

Immediately after Osama was removed from the worlds most wanted number one spot, Michelle Obama lobbied to have Ronald McDonald listed as the new most wanted. After all millions of fat kids are dieing at a young age from obesity.
The state department issued this statement: If your child should happen to see Ronald McDonald be very careful, he is known to make kids crave fast food and could be armed with a Big Mac and a Happy Meal.

Bin Laden was shot in the head during a firefight and then quickly buried at sea. I think we see the making of a new reality show, Fishing for Osama.

Donald Trump is now demanding from Obama to show his real birth certificate and the photos of Osama. Trump said we don't even know if Obama was born in Hawaii or if Osama was killed in Pakistan. For all we know Osama could of been killed in Hawaii and Obama born in Pakistan. Or maybe they are the same person, they are about the same height.

The US-Gov did attach a note to Osama, similar to when you were a kid and placed a note in a bottle and tossed it in the ocean. The tag on Osama read if found please call the White House.

Hollywood is making a sequel to a classic Don Knotts movie. It's called The Incredible Mr. Limpet Meets Osama.

Anyone want to go fishing??

Carey Masci

I will conclude this with words from Ruth in the Philippines and my 12 year old friend Cassie.

I asked Ruth what they thought in the Philippines and she said Some believe others don't, after all seeing is believing.

And Cassie writes:
okay so im sure youve heard about bin ladin or whoever that is right. i have a couple of questions for you soooo here they go,
- did bin ladin really use his wife as a shield, im sure glad im not his wife
- was he going to get a weapon and thats why they killed him right there
- if he didnt go for a weapon would they of just captured him
- did the wife get shot
- who killed him [seals army etc.]
- where was he shot
- were there more people who thought they should of captured then killed him
all of these questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will ALL these questions ever be answered? Maybe when they find the body of Hoffa.

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