Sunday, May 15, 2011

hey moammar want to go cruising

America begins air strikes and Moammar Ghadafi goes cruisin' with his sun roof open.... Details at 11.

What the heck? Did you see that clip of Ghadafi cruising around, sticking out of his sunroof, pumping his fist in the air? WOW! He was acting as if the Browns had just won the Super Bowl.

How different things are compared to when the US had a real president. Under President Reagan, Moammar Ghadafi acted up, Ronny Raygun bombed his palace and killed one of his family members. But under Obama, he orders air strikes, Moammar goes driving around as if its spring break in South Beach. Strange days we live in indeed.

But Obama did allocate millions for boots, tents and essential food items. Oh not for the thousands of homeless in America but for the Libyan Rebels of this non-war war. Who knows, maybe we are using non-bomb bombs. Anything is possible with a Nobel Peace Prize Liberal in charge, especially one that by passes Congress's declaration for war.

Speaking of things that are non non or something like that. How is everyone doing with this non-inflation inflation we are all suffering? I am quite puzzled by it. My house insurance went up but my house value has fallen. Could this be a definition of non-inflation inflation? Or is that deflation inflation?

My house payment went up by $26 per month caused by property tax and insurance increase. To go along with those increases my auto insurance went up by $50 per year. Why? According to the different insurance agents I spoke with it could be lots of reasons. Number one on the list, the rates went up.

I was told by one agent the insurance industry went to the government and they OK'd the increase. Is this state or fed? Was it under Strickland or Kasich? Even though I doubt if it was Kasich.

One lady agent I spoke to got me so upset that I wanted to pull her hair. She said Well they take into consideration many things. One is your credit. I said My rating is 810. After going no where and back she says again well you should start with your credit report. LADY I TOLD YOU I JUST GOT IT BACK AND IT IS 810. I realize that sir but that's where I would start. GOOD BY! Unless she meant what someone makes in a year. So if that's the case, many people right now are making less, should we all expect an increase? How sad is that.

Another said the economy is bad so more people are calling in claims.

And finally one other agent said this wacky statement. Actually the rates have gone down in recent years for auto insurance but if you haven't had an increase the last few years that's why yours went up? Please someone translate for me.

And gas, the sky's the limit it seems. But because of that, one thing gains in value, my vehicles. Every time I fill up, they double in value. Another non-inflation inflation example?  Or is that inflation inflation?

I guess maybe I should go visit Libya. The way Mommar is driving around having a good time it seems like he can afford the gas and the insurance. Hey Mommar what are you doing Friday, want to go cruising and watch the air show?

Carey Masci

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