Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carey looks at some current events

The gas dilemma.

I finally bought a bigger gas can. I was so tired of running out of gas while doing yard work that I swapped my 1 gal. can for a 5. Unfortunately I can't afford to fill the 5 so I am back to using the 1 gal..

I have been checking local ordinances about owning sheep in the city. Trying to figure out whats cheaper, owning sheep or keeping my lawn mower fueled.

I saw a store ad the another day advertising their gas lawn mowers with LPG. Lawns Per Gallon.

Troubling headlines
Senator Warns Financial Trouble Ahead for U.S., Prepare Now
Is Your Prostate Keeping You Up at Night?

That was the headline and ad on my Yahoo homepage the other day, one on top of the other. I should never of read it before bed. All night I couldn't sleep, wasn't sure if it was because I was worried about the looming financial trouble or if it was my prostrate.

High and Higher
Gov. Johnson of New Mexico said during the first debate two weeks ago that he has climbed most of the highest mountains with a few more to go which he will climb. He is also in favor of legalizing pot. I think his campaign slogan should be - Lets get high together.

A couple of more words on Osama.
A new version of the Jules Verne classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea will be rewritten to fit the times. It will be called 20,000 Muslims Under the Sea.

A strange phenomenon has occurred after Osama was tossed into the sea. Before when you put your ear to a conk shell you could hear the ocean, now when you do it you hear the Muslim Call to Prayer.

And lastly.... Now that Osama is dead I guess you could call him a Has Bin.

The Bad and the Good
The Bad - China has the Blackhawk helicopter that was downed in Pakistan. The Good - You will be able to buy one soon at Walmart.

Carey Masci

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