Wednesday, April 27, 2011

passports and Obamas certificate

Kathy on this site (Mentor 9/12) raised the question Could Obama be hiding his certificate to embarrass Republicans?

Well now supposedly they have released the long form birth certificate. If this holds out to be true DO NOT feel ashamed for believing Obama was not born in this country. There were many new sources who referred to Obama as being Kenyan born. In other words, we had probably cause not to believe he was born in America.

Regardless if he was or not, we can not allow the question whether Obama is legitimately qualified to be US president to die just yet. This we do know as fact, Obama attended school in Indonesia while his Indonesian Dad was raising him. So we still have to look into whether Obama was adopted and changed his citizenship to Indonesian. Which again many news sources report he has. Including an Indonesian friend of mine who was excited that our president went to grade school there.

That is important as well as the issue of if its Constitutional to hold the office of presidency when one parent is not American.

So lets stay on this trail and clear up these last questions.

Onto other news.......

Besides everything else going on we now have this:

Can it be they want to try to stop the flow of people leaving when the collapse to our country happens?
Could this be for anyone who speaks out against the New World Order, who is a Christian?  Reminds me of when Hitler made it increasingly difficult to leave Germany.

Just thoughts.

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