Wednesday, April 06, 2011

This week the House will vote on

This week the House will vote on repealing part of the Health Care bill. That part is the $600.00 per vendor. If any business spends $600.00 or more from any store or service they have to receive a 1099 form otherwise that can not deduct it from their taxes.

So in other words.... I run a janitorial service. Lets say I spend $600 at a place like a Wal Mart for brooms, glass cleaner, etc... I would have to save my receipts, go to Wal Mart and they would issue me a 1099. If they don't, I can not deduct my business expenses from my income. Do you know the cost of this per business? I bet most businesses won't want to do this.

But mean while Union members received a break in their health care costs.

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