Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones

Listen to the ridiculous talk from this reporter talking about Pastor Terry Jones and his obvious anti-Christian liberal bias.


Let me spell it out for you in case you missed it.
The reporter was asked how did the pastor seem to you. The reporter said He seems coherent. COHERENT?? Why wouldn't the pastor be coherent? He burned a Koran. Why, are you suppose to be incoherent or on drugs or have a mental illness for such an action? The Muslims and their false religion are causing unrest where ever it goes and its time someone takes a stand.

And shame on General Petraeus for aiding and abetting the enemy for saying this pastors action were hateful and intolerant. Why does the general think we are over there in those Muslim countries, because they are God fearing Christians who behave Godly? C'mon people wake up.

And two more points I like to bring out.

Think of how many times people make fun of the bible or have desecrated it? Do Christians behave in the manner the Muslims are? Of course not. It says in the bible when you bring the Gospel to someone and they refuse it, shake the dust of your shoes and leave. Or maybe it says carry on, riot and murder to show the love of God?

And for those who don't understand or think its wrong for a pastor or any clergy to carry a weapon. Back when America was being founded the circuit preachers always armed themselves because the country was still unruly from hostile Indians, outlaws and wild animals. Maybe we are heading back to those days. We don't stop this pagan scourge of false gods all of us will have to arm ourselves.

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