Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How can McCain win this election??

Now that we know Barack Husein Obama is running against John McCain for the presidency, how can McCain possibly win against such a smooth youthful charismatic opponent? First lets look at how he can't win.

In this age of information people are becoming more informed and are finally catching on to the lies, distortion of facts and unethical nonsense from both parties, Republican and Democrat. People are very tired of being lied to by politicians whether its presidents, governors or congressmen.

So how does Senator McCain lose this coming election? Simple... by lying to us. Lets set the record straight. Senator McCain is not a true Conservative. He had his opportunity to change course and woo the Christian Conservatives during the recent primaries when the Values Voters debate was held but, instead, he didn't attend it. Even more recently he has tried to distance himself from Pastor Rod Parsley and Pastor John Hagee, which doesn't help his stance with the Right. If McCain tries to paint himself as a Conservative to get the true base of the Republican Party out to vote for him as they did for President Bush, he loses the election. We had enough of being used and we will stay home.

So then, how does McCain win this election? By admitting and running as what he is, a moderate. And what is the strength of a moderate? Being able to stand in the middle and bring two opposing sides together. Thats how he needs to run and that is how he can win.

Who will have the biggest say in the outcome of this election? The Conservative Right is very disgruntled for being shunned and because of it, lacks the compassion needed for Senator McCain to win. It is moderate Democrats and Republicans who will decide this election. That is who I am selling McCain to.

Main stream Democrats need to realize that the Democratic party has been hi jacked by Socialists. Its time for them to cross over and support the only choice, John McCain, because what is the option? A one-term US Senator with little experience named Barack Husein Obama, a far leaning liberal socialist.

But, it all starts with Senator McCain standing up and being truthful by saying I am a moderate with many years experience that can and will bring together both sides and unite this country. If McCain chooses the right message and people listen, they will vote for him. Even the Conservative Right might have their enthusiasm stirred up because, again, the alternative is an extreme liberal socialist that has said and promises more taxes and more government for all.


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